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Author-Mixed Media Artist-Inventor William Dandurand: His Books and His Bike Grip Board

Los Angeles, CA – May 17, 2021 – Author of Hillary and the Haunted Castle: Mixed Media and Inventor, William  Dandurand, is available to media to discuss his books and his invention, the Bike Grip Board. 

The book is one of 5 in The Adventures of Hillary the Little Ladybug book series. Although William is the original story creator, he has worked with other authors and  illustrators to finish the books.  

The original story came about one day when he was at work, as a security guard, and a ladybug flew into his guard shack. He soon talked to his friend, and business  partner, Gary Revel about it and then came the story writing. 

His co-authors have been Mary Cohen, Elisabeth Revel, Naomi Kibe-Revel, and Gary Revel. Gary Revel Jr., and Gary Revel have worked with him to create theillustrations and mixed media in the books.

Other original stories, he has written, that are published books include, Khloe the  Squirrel, Alice the Orca, Lochy the Loch Ness Monster, Lalo Mouse, Harry the Fairy,and Treasure Stories Told by My Grandfather. 

Please take some time to learn more about his remarkable invention and his books. Consider having Bill as a guest for an interview on TV, Radio, Podcast and Blogs. 

His books are available for review or other media exploitation and content. 

His Bike Grip Board invention has roots that go back to his childhood. He was at the  beach with his family, in Southern California, and told his mom he wanted to make  a body board with handles. The reason for this, was because the board would slip  out of his hands as he neared the beach. Then, when he held on tight, hitting the  beach, would hurt his hands.  

His mom told him, he could not put handles on a body board. It just would not work.  

When he got a little older, he decided to make one anyway. He did, and the rest is history. The board is a revolutionary product destined to change the body board industry. 

Bike Grip Board, with the Handlebar ( is the link to Bike Grip Board website. 

Bill is author of several original stories and coauthor/illustrator of several books based on the original stories. Some are: 

Hillary and the Mystery of the Secret Cave: Mixed Media 

Hillary and the Haunted Castle: Mixed Media 

Hillary and the Submarine: Mixed Media 

Locky the Loch Ness Monster

Jongleur Books 

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254 338-2011 

Hillary and the Haunted Castel: Mixed Media 

Publisher: Jongleur Books 

Hillary and the Haunted Castle: Mixed Media – 8 x 11: Cohen, Mary, Dandurand,  William, Revel, Gary, Revel Jr., Gary, Dandurand, William, Revel, Gary:  9798740471204: Books

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Books for review, photos, links and Q&As are available upon request. 

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