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Beverly Hills Beauty Brand Offers Cosmetics Customers Can Trust

Highly rated company offers premier skin care, eye cream, face serum, eyelash care, and more.

Beverly Hills Beauty founder Mark Gowers developed his product line in 2011 out of a need to be honest with consumers. After working with some of the world’s largest beauty brands for three decades, Gowers saw those companies water down his formulas all in the name of profit. Gowers decided to do something about this disappointing trend and created the beauty brand Beverly Hills.

“I knew that I had to go into business for myself and create formulas that the consumer could trust,” said Gowers.

Furthermore, Gowers says that there’s nothing in his products that doesn’t need to be there. In many cases, they are using scientifically proven and backed ingredients that go beyond traditional cosmetic ingredients. For example, Beverly Hills Instant Facelift and Eye Tuck Serum was already a best seller, but Beverly Hills recreated it to include bee venom. Bee venom penetrates the skin deeper than traditional ingredients to give the skin a visibly different appearance. It offers a budget-friendly and safe alternative to higher priced treatments. This product is backed by the original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington.

Beverly Hills has thus far created collections including Revive, Signature Collection, and KL Killer Lashes. Many of their products have been highlighted in major publications and showcased by influencers. KL Killer Lashes Eyelash Growth Serum, which is formulated to help lengthen, widen, and strengthen eyelashes, has been featured in Vogue not once, but twice.

“This is where science and nature perfectly balance,” said the team at Beverly Hills. “Discover unrivaled skin care products.”

Beverly Hills has searched the globe to find the right scientifically proven ingredients to include in their products. Altogether, they are working to provide customers with exceptional science aligned products available at a more affordable price than other alternatives. At the same time, Beverly Hills is proud to offer an exceptional level of quality.

Beverly Hills products have received thousands of reviews from satisfied customers worldwide. “I have been dabbing a small amount of this cream on under my eyes religiously every morning,” said a recent customer regarding Beverly Hills Instant Facelift and Eye Serum. “I apply it just inside my dark circles and I can feel my skin tighten within a minute.”

In addition to quality and affordable prices, Beverly Hills is committed to being co-conscious and implements an array of green strategies, such as using glass over plastic in their bottling. “When it comes to beauty packaging within our industry alone, 95% of it is thrown out after just one use, and only 14% of plastic makes it to a recycling center. This has to stop,” said Gowers. “We need to educate both the industry and consumer that our planets resources are limited.”

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About Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills blends artisan skincare and science together to yield a line of cosmetics customers can trust.

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