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Easy Fence Ranked As Leading Supplier Of Cattle Yards and Livestock Fencing

Western Australia’s manufacturer and distributor of fencing products and accessories is Easy Fence. The products help to facilitate confinement and movement of livestock safely and affordably.

Easy Fence and Brad Dorrington are pleased to announce that the company has expanded their inventory of products designed to manage cattle, other livestock, and even domestic pets. The cattle yards are designed to be set up for temporary usage or can be installed permanently. The yards can be set up to accommodate 20 head of cattle or as many as 250 heads. The team has the expertise to customise yard plans to take care of the needs of individual farmers. 

The team at Easy Fence is focused on supplying customers representing the farming industry with high-quality livestock fencing products at competitive prices. The company specialises in stockyard fencing for sheep and cattle. It also provides a variety of other products. These include dog pens, round pens for horses, ATV trailers, and various other equipment. The Easy Fence brand of stock pens is designed to be tough without sacrificing ease of use and safety. 

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Because the yard systems are modular, they can be easily moved to a new location as they are needed. Cost-effectiveness coupled with family and farmer safety is important to protect the people and the livestock, whether it is sheep, cattle or horses. The pens available from Easy Fence provide a safe area for working livestock, regardless of the task which needs to be completed.

Various accessories are available from the online catalogue provided by Easy Fence. A Blind Force Yard helps increase the productivity in cattle yards by limiting the distractions to the animals being worked.  Shade Cloth also protects livestock from blowing dust, shading play areas, providing privacy screening and vegetable garden protection. The company carries a large inventory of products, so there is generally no waiting for necessary equipment to be delivered. 

About the Company:  

Easy Fence has a large inventory of fencing products for rapid delivery to farmers with livestock. The equipment includes temporary fencing options, accessories, and other products. The equipment improves efficiency and safety in handling livestock.

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Contact Person: Brad Dorrington
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Phone: (08) 9244 8877
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