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Home Inspection Martinsburg WV Firm Named As Industry Leader In 4-State Region

Dash Home Inspection serves the States of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania with top-level project results. Home inspection is dedicated to ensuring the customer is aware of any sub-par conditions of the subject property.

Dash Home Inspection is pleased to announce that the company is recognized as an industry leader throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. The home inspection Martinsburg WV firm will provide peace of mind by supplying the most professional, accurate, and comprehensive home inspection service in the 4-state area. Whether the client is buying or selling a home, determining that they are getting what they paid for is money well spent.

The professional inspection team provides honest and accurate results to give the client peace of mind. Before making an offer on a dream home, clients should insist on a comprehensive inspection of the premises. Whether the property is a new build or is a pre-owned home, some inspection features can provide information about the property’s condition. These include a pre-drywall inspection which will let prospective buyers know what is behind the walls. 

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In an area where termites are likely to be present, the professional premier partners of Dash look for any infestation to satisfy any and all loan requirements on the property. The buyer doesn’t want to be faced with termite control issues immediately upon purchasing a property. A seller preparing for listing the property would be well advised to show prospective buyers that there are no termite infestations to deal with. Another testing process is to identify the presence of radon gas. It is a silent and unseen killing agent that can be identified through proper inspection procedures. Dash also provides testing for city water and well water to satisfy any loan requirements.

The home inspection report will be delivered within one day of completion, and the customer will get an email link to the report. The report is comprehensive, with high-quality images in HTML and pdf formats. The reports are available on phones, laptops, or tablets. A personal discussion of the report is provided to answer questions following the inspection.

About the Company:

Dash Home Inspection has training and experience to provide comprehensive inspections and inspection reports. The professional team offers inspections for termite damage, radon gas, and water quality. The reports ensure that the customer gets full value for their property sale or purchase.

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