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Meet the Three Artists Representing Canada at This Year’s First Ever NFT BAZL

With the increase in the sudden growth of the NFT market, Estelle Ohayon of EO Art Concierge Inc., has decided to partner up with Elitium, a blockchain wealth management specialist and GDA Capital, a digital asset investment firm to host NFT BAZL. NFT BAZL will host the world’s first physical NFT gallery, showcasing both physical and digital art using the blockchain to bridge the gap between the physical and digital art worlds.


Breathing new life into an antiquated market, renown artists including names such as Daniel Mazzone, Diogo Snow, and Max Jamali will exhibit physical and digital masterpieces side-by-side, welcoming collectors to an exhibition where onlookers can view artworks across a variety of mediums and bid by scanning a QR code. Each of these acclaimed Canadian artists have their own distinctive style and are eager to showcase their artwork to this new generation of collectors.

“When I started selecting artists for this event, I focused on a few criteria such as originality, diversity, talent and career trajectory. I have worked with Daniel, Diogo, and Max in the past few years and knew that they would be a perfect fit to represent Canadian talent in an international exhibit such as NFT BAZL. Their art compliments one another’s and each one already has a successful and established career. I see great things for all of them in the future and I am thrilled to be part of their journey,“ says Estelle 

Today we take a closer look at these three Canadian artists representing their country at this first-of-its-kind display.

Daniel Mazzone


Daniel Mazzone was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As part of an artistic family, he was surrounded by a world of visual concepts and expression. His mother was an art instructor and during his school days, teachers and fellow students alike saw his inherent artistic ability and potential. The youthful exploration of his artistic talents were pushed aside when he became homeless at the age of 15. Once Mazzone got back on his feet a few years later, he pushed himself to explore his true passions again.

In 2013, Mazzone began exhibiting at both the Canadian Heritage Art Company and at Hazelton Fine Art Gallery for the next two years. It was not until the Toronto International Art Fair in late 2014 where his artwork really caught the attention of the renowned Tanenbaum family, who are part of the top 200 art collectors in the world. Since then, Mazzone has been making waves nonstop across North America. In May 2015, he did his first show, “Torn Apart”, in New York City at the Carriage House Arts Center and in December made his official Art Basel Miami debut at 1 Hotel South Beach, “A Walk Through Life”, selling out his entire collection of 25 pieces at the show.

Mazzone continues his journey of creative exploration and pushing the envelope with his unique style.

Diogo Snow

Diogo Neves also known by his artist name D-Snow, was born and raised in São Paulo Brazil and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. The artist started his career early as a teen in Brazil with graffiti street art that grew into a passion. His style of art is a mix of urban with a twist of modern. Using a variety of materials such as spray paints, acrylics, diamond dust, prints, and resin, make his paintings unique and impactful. He has further expanded his portfolio to now include sculptures, cars, murals, boats and so much more. 

D-Snow has made many custom art pieces for celebrities such as Drake, Fetty Wap, Sean Paul, Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber, and many more. Early 2020 D-Snow joined Bieber Industries, becoming the brand’s art creator and actively designing logos and graphic art for the company. Some highlights of this artist’s portfolio include being chosen by Universal Music to create a tribute mural for Juice WRLD, becoming the first artist to spray-paint a Ferrari in Canada, and more recently collaborating with the Canadian coat company Woodpecker; for which he created a custom line of 100 one-of-a-kind spray-painted parkas.

With a tenacious devotion to his passion, Diogo continues to solidify his reputation as a star-studded artist for celebrity collectors. 

Max Jemali