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Muslim moms struggle to find a home in mainstream wellness community.

Muslim moms struggle to find a home in mainstream wellness community.
New book incorporates both spirituality and weight loss into redefined lifestyle

Sydney, Australia – May 17, 2021 – With the end of Ramadan comes one of Islam’s holiest celebrations, Eid al-Fitr, and with it, mountains of tempting food, drinks and treats. For Muslim moms struggling with weight loss, finding support in Australia’s weight loss community can be a challenge. With modest clothing, cultural norms and dietary restrictions, connecting with supports and wellness advice that speaks to their experience is a struggle. May Zaki, an Australian-based certified weight management professional and certified naturopath is changing that.

When Zaki arrived in Australia in 2016, she found an abundance of opportunity and the chance to redefine who she was. Only one thing stood in her way, 20 kilos of weight she had tried almost everything to shift. Zaki enrolled in weight management courses and through her newfound knowledge, adapted what she has learned to fit in with her spiritual lifestyle. In 2021, Zaki released her first book, Mind over Tummy – how to FINALLY win that battle with the scale, which quickly made its way onto best-seller lists in the U.S. and U.K. In her book, Zaki takes a philosophical approach to weight loss and overall physical and mental health and wellness. Rather than lists of banned foods, recipes and strenuous exercise, Zaki asks those she coaches to address the emotional reasons behind their habits.

“For many Muslim moms, the struggle to lose weight can be a lonely one,” explains May Zaki. “There are challenges that aren’t met by the traditional weight loss community. They’ve tried every diet under the sun and still, they haven’t been able to shift the weight. Instead, they’ve been left with low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence and they’re left feeling like they lack willpower. For emotional eaters, which most of us are, these feelings are not only personally painful, they’re counterproductive. In my book, I discuss the pillars of my weight loss philosophy, Re-feel, Re-eat, Re-think, Re-new, and Re-live. The pillars are all about re-examining habits and then redefining our relationship with food, exercise and overall wellness.”

While readers work their way through reinventing their relationship with themselves and their daily wellness habits, they join a powerful community of fellow moms facing struggles and embracing their wellness journey together. If they don’t find support at home, that’s okay, because they support each other. The book focuses on becoming healthier, happier, more connected, more empowered and more satisfied with life. The book focuses on the person and their lifestyle as a whole.

Mind over Tummy: How to FINALLY win that battle with the scale is available on Amazon or on Zaki’s site.

For more information, the latest news and inspiration and to connect with Zaki online follow @thereal_mayzaki on Instagram.

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