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New YouTube channel making waves with whopping 60,000 subscribers in just 2 months with inspiring videos of positivity

SoulSnackStudios is a rapidly growing YouTube channel which spreads positivity and hope to create a better tomorrow through videos on life lessons and optimism.

NY – May 17, 2021 – With grim news of alarming COVID-19 pandemic cases, mass shooting and mindless violence grabbing the headlines almost everyday, the world is in a dire need of positivity lately. In that light, a new YouTube channel has taken up the baton to spread optimism and hope all around through its positivity videos to make life wee better in these terrible times. Titled “SoulSnackStudios”, the fast rising channel has already garnered a massive number of 60,000 subscribers in just couple of months since its inception.

A much awaited platform amid the mayhem the world is going through today, SoulSnack has come up as a channel for purpose, passion and positivity. The channel aims to create a better tomorrow by producing contents carrying life lessons that would eventually help viewers in their journey of personal development. 

“We are thrilled to see our channel growing at such a jet pace and we are grateful to all our subscribers for believing in us and our ethos. We love inspiring people all over the world with our videos full of passion, purpose and positivity and it’s nice to see that viewers all around are looking forward to connecting with us and embracing our contents of positivity”, stated a leading spokesperson from SoulSnack.

The fast rising YouTube channel is bustling with an increasing number of 30+ videos under multiple categories. One of the categories is exclusively dedicated to COVID-19 which advocates the safety measures to be followed to keep one and the world safe from the devastating pandemic. The other categories include Life lessons, Judging others, Surprises and so on. 

SoulSnack videos touch on varied subjects ranging from a father learning to come to terms with the fact that his son is gay to a bad roomie learning to behave the hard to employee surprising customers with hidden talent to how a wealthy realtor had to pay the price for racist prejudices and so on. 

“The world is passing through a disastrous time of late and one of the most crucial things we need now is faith in positivity and goodness. SoulSnack aims to be your beacon of hope in these dire times to make you stronger, hopeful  and proactive about a better tomorrow.”

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