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ReadySlim Launches Keto-Friendly Detox Teas That Target Bloating and Digestion

ReadySlim Launches Keto-Friendly Detox Teas That Target Bloating and Digestion

CALIFORNIA – May 17, 2021 – ReadySlim, a new wellness company, is pleased to announce the launch of Wakey Wakey Morning Detox Tea and Snoozzzy Night Detox Tea. This 2-step detox tea kit works to help promote healthy weight management, reduce bloating and improve digestion. It is also a great metabolism booster for those practicing a keto lifestyle, as both detox tea blends are low carb, contain zero sugar, and are formulated with 100% keto-friendly organic herbs.

“We want ReadySlim to be part of someone’s health journey, whether they’re on a keto diet, want to lose weight, or just build healthier lifestyle habits,” says Jacky Ho, founder of ReadySlim. “The main obstacle that often prevents people from living healthier lifestyles is they are simply too busy. I want to help our customers reach their health goals with easy detox and keto products that even the busiest person can use.” 

Blended by a team of renowned herbalists, every ingredient in the teas are certified organic, handpicked for their health benefits, and contains no artificial flavors. Wakey Wakey Morning Detox Tea includes bloat-relieving herbs such as green rooibos, lemon verbena, and ginger. Its tea base, yerba mate, is a caffeinated tea that helps relieve fatigue and provides a boost of energy. Snoozzzy Night Detox Tea is carefully blended using organic herbs that help promote relaxation, better sleep and would detoxify your body during the night.

ReadySlim detox teas are also laxative-free, unlike other detox teas on the market that use senna leaf, a herb that has a strong laxative effect. People who have used laxative teas generally find it a very effective and quick way to feel lighter and get a flatter tummy, due to the high amount of liquids your body loses. Although you may feel lighter, you’re not actually losing body fat and the effects are only temporary.  ReadySlim believes in gradually integrating healthier changes into your routine so that it is sustainable in the long run.

About ReadySlim:

Founded in 2021, ReadySlim is a health and wellness brand dedicated to providing you with the highest quality detox & keto products fit for any busy lifestyle. We know life can get busy, so eating healthy every meal and being able to hit the gym every day may not be possible even if we wish we could. 

Whether you’re looking to develop healthier habits in your busy routine or simply want to lose weight, ReadySlim is there for you as you embark on your wellness journey.

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