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R&X Offers a Pop It Fidget Toy for People who have Anxiety, Autism, or Sensory Sensitivities

This Amazon-listed fidget toy supports people who want to reduce stress and increase focus.

As children and adults alike continue to stay at home to do their respective duties, they might find themselves stuck and fidgeting due to the lifestyle brought about by the current health crisis. It is more difficult for people experiencing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as they often have a hard time focusing on tasks. The uneasiness of being constrained can disturbingly affect one’s mood.

Toy company R&X offers a simple way out. They’ve put out in the market a Pop It Fidget Toy which is great for children especially those with ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. This can encourage a sense of calm, reduce stress, and even boost concentration. It can keep wandering hands occupied while doing homework, studying for tests, or attending online classes. Popping the circles would help sustain one’s focus away from other distractions in the room. It’s a pretty universal toy to the normal to the most hyperactive people as it adopts the rationale behind bubble wraps.

Though, of course, this is also a toy for adults who suffer from anxiety and those who have autism or sensory sensitivities. This only requires quiet attention so it wouldn’t be too much of a distraction when there is a need to focus on other tasks. It easily soothes the feeling of uneasiness or boredom. Instead of fidgeting with other overly loud toys which could be annoying for others, this Pop It Fidget Toy allows people to relax during tiring sessions or even after a long day.

Unlike bubble wraps, this material is eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s non-toxic, BPA-free, and reusable which makes it safe for children three years old and above. The soothing popping sensation provides wonderful stress relief and tactile stimulus to help both children and adults focus and relax. Also, with its small size, it is travel-friendly and could be the envy of other passengers who are left with nothing to do.

Other features that it boasts include being soft and anti-slip, washable, fade-resistant, has no smell and can come in different designs and colors. The choices are glow in the dark, tie-dye colors, t-rex, rainbow unicorn, or puzzle. With this variety, it can even be utilized during family bonding or when friends come over. For instance, players can take turns pressing down any number of mice in a single row, and the one who presses down the last mouse loses. Critical thinking and creativity can also be put into play using this toy which listing is now up on Its design undeniably caters to a wide range of audiences who want to subtly escape from the seemingly dull reality that the world is currently in.

About R&X

R&X provides quality products for ADHD fidgeters and people who suffer from anxiety as well as those who have autism and sensory sensitivities. Their current main offering is Pop It Fidget Toy that is listed on Amazon.

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