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Unveiling as they are making Waves in the Financial Industry

Guaranteed Lowest Rates in the Industry • Top Notch Local Customer Service

May 17, 2021 – Local credit card processing agent Joe Fowler and his family are making waves in the financial industry by being upfront, honest and at the same time saving his clients thousands of dollars. Local deli clerk owner commented that “I like that they’re local, I like how they are managing a family business and easy-going.’ with all the money I saved, I’m thinking of opening another storefront.”

Joe comments, “a lot of businesses are turned off by the fact that they are simply passing off their fees to their customers; they’re afraid that the small fee is going to scare them away. The fact is that it’s just not the case; about 99.5% of merchants report no loss of revenue after implementing the new program.” also services people from all over the United States and has helped businesses save money in 35 states all over the US.

When I asked Joe and his brothers how they started the business, Joe responded by “I’m old school not very computer literate, I made flyers and hit the streets and shook hands, well since Covid fist bumps ha, ha.”

Their company ‘BigTown Merchants’ launched at a pivotal moment when many companies felt stressed by the economical downturn caused by Covid. The savings they provide for their clients is an economical boost.

Joe, a Navy veteran, and his brother Paul, a computer engineer, are a dynamic duo.

If your business needs an economical boost or simply a way to save money on their credit card processing fees, gives BigTownMerchants a call.

To reach Joe, give him a call the phone number over there is 516-289-3955, or you can email them at [email protected] or their website

This article was written by Frank Cooper, a freelance reporter for multiple media outlets.

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