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Yanko Design Offers Innovative Designs Apt for Modern-day Living

This company says that 31% of homeowners exceed budget due to poor planning because they don’t begin with accurate measurements from a blueprint of their home.

People are spending more time at home today due to the pandemic. For most homeowners, home improvement projects have been the priority. Do-it-yourself home re-modeling can be nerve-wracking, but Instant Site Plan makes home renovation more bearable by providing you with a tool to help you better plan your next home improvement project. To do this, Instant Site Plan is offering homeowners a basic exterior blueprint of their homes, free-of-charge.

According to the company, an exterior blueprint of a home, or a site plan, as they are often called, shows every possible measurement of the homeowners’ property, thus helping them:

• Improve their ability to plan an exterior home improvement correctly
• Create accurate budgets based on solid measurements and average costs per square foot
• Reduce overall stress because projects go over-budget and take forever when not planned properly.

“To avoid going over budget, homeowners should begin their research by pulling a free, basic site plan of their home from our database because it’s already in our system and ready for them to save,” said Isaac Lay, President of Instant Site Plan. “By knowing the square footage of the space where they plan to build, owners can easily search for and find the average costs per square foot for whatever they plan to build. With this knowledge, homeowners can save money and reduce the stress that surfaces when a project goes over budget and takes forever.” He added.

Instant Site Plan provides a basic site plan to homeowners at no cost. A basic site plan includes a bird’s-eye view of the home and the property it sits on along with the measurements of each section of the homeowner’s property lines. By knowing the size of their property, homeowners will have a better understanding of how much space they have to build their dreams. If homeowners need additional measurements, such as measurements of the exterior of the perimeter of their home from corner-to-corner, or measurements from each exterior wall of their home to their property line, or perhaps all their measurement because they need a building permit, homeowners may upgrade their site plan for a nominal fee.

While it’s true that the pandemic has pushed homeowners back into their homes, it has also pushed homeowners to put extra effort into improving their household. However, 31% of homeowners shared that their expenses went beyond the budget. An effective home improvement project should begin with a site plan to accurately identify its requirements and budget. By knowing requirements and average costs, homeowners will be empowered during the negotiation process with contractors because an educated buyer is a buyer who will not be taken advantage of by over-charging contractors.

Visit to get your free basic site plan today and to discover more about how to have a stress-free and cost-efficient home renovation project today.

About Instant Site Plan is a service by Instant Site Plan. It’s the fastest, most convenient way for homeowners to get a blueprint of the exterior of their home so they can properly plan for any exterior home improvement project. Our system already has a site plan for virtually every home in California, and soon, the United States. By simply entering their address, a homeowner can pull a site plan within 10 seconds and start planning immediately.

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