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Black Tape sunscreen: sunscreen that doesn’t tan. low-key but impressive

There is a very popular sun protection test in Asia: the tester pasted a grid with black tape on his back, coated a variety of sunscreens in the grid respectively, and finally uncovered the black tape to compare the effect of sunscreen. However, it is obvious that the skin covered by the black tape is the whitest, and the other part of back have different degrees of tanning, so everyone laughed and said that “the black tape has the best sunscreen effect”. This is the birth of Black Tape Brand and Black Tape sunscreen.

Black Tape is a Japanese niche sunscreen brand, specializing in international advanced sunscreen system, which can effectively prevent photoaging, sunburn, tan, aestates and aging, and provide better protection for skin. As we all know, Japan has been doing very well in skin care products and cosmetics. Some Japanese cosmeceutical chains, such as Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Sundrag, are very famous by their cosmeceutical products. Therefore, in order to produce sunscreen products with outstanding sunscreen effect, Black Tape chose a famous Japanese skin care manufacturer and invited experienced experts to participate in product research and development. Black Tape has strictly controlled the procurement of raw materials and production processes to ensure the natural ingredients that contained in the products safety and pollution-free.

Black Tape strives to create a new generation of sunscreen brands, which solves the problem that the demand for more and better cosmetics or skin care products with durability, good ductility, dosage for use and more evenly applied on the skin surface has become more obvious in the market today. This sunscreen not only has excellent quality and reasonable price, and also suitable for white-collar workers, wage earners, students, etc.

Black Tape’s products include sunscreen, sunscreen spray, recovery Moisture toner after sunburn, lotion, facial mask, etc. According to the skin characteristics of Asian people, the product formula is adjusted in an appropriate amount so that consumers with dry skin, oily skin and combination skin can have their own sunscreen and targeted products for their needs. Black Tape’s sunscreen is low-key but impressive and powerful. With its unobtrusive personality and high-tech skin care products, it has won the love and pursuit of countless consumers.

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