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Gary Wilson Chronicles His Rollercoaster Life Experience in This Is Me

Talented author, Gary Wilson, takes readers on a fantastic ride of the different facets of life in his book “This Is Me.”

The team at Author’s Tranquility Press has reiterated their commitment to helping talented authors get their work out as the publishing agency recently threw their weight behind Gary Wilson following the release of This Is Me. The book is a fantastic piece that shows readers the different angles of life, personifying the experience by chronicling his journey through life.

“From birth to a car accident, to recovery and back to work! Now, Embracing the Graces and Miracles with this thing called LIFE!” said Gary Wilson.

Life is filled with ups and downs as people go through different stages in their journey. Over the years, several resources have been published to inspire people to go against all odds and achieve greatness. Unfortunately, many of the so-called inspirational pieces are often abstract with very little relatable content. However, Gary Wilson looks to share his life experiences with others to help them overcome their challenges and become successful in This Is Me.

This Is Me allows readers to learn from Gary Wilson’s experiences, helping them implement the easy yet practical tips he employed to succeed. The book also serves as a memoir for the author, enabling him to put down his thoughts and share them with others while aiding his recovery process.

The book has already started to enjoy rave reviews from readers from all walks of life. “Against all odds” Gary Wilson makes significant meaning from a devastating tragedy. He demonstrates how our lives can be made positive out of the most challenging circumstances and provide us with an inspirational manuscript that forces us to look deep into our own attitudes and approaches to life. Thank you, Mr. Wilson!” said Connie Bombaci, award-winning author, and former educator.

It is coming as no surprise that Author’s Tranquility Press has decided to partner with Gary Wilson through their Bookstore Placement Program in promoting the book to a global audience and help him grow as an impactful author. The book is set to hit the brick-and-mortar outlets in New York, California, Nashville, Washington, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago.

This Is Me is currently available in Paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon, continuing to do good numbers.

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