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Maria Rahmani Shows Creative Passion in Acting and Fashion Industry

Maria Rahmani Shows Creative Passion in Acting and Fashion Industry

Being in front of the camera feels natural to Maria Rahmani. While this woman is effortlessly beautiful, she also has a lot of charisma that makes her stand out on and off-camera. She is never shy when it comes to showing the cameras what she is made of. Maria Rahmani may just be starting out on her career, but this woman has already accomplished a lot.

Who Is Maria Rahmani?

Maria Rahmani is an actress who currently lives in Dubai. She has led a lifestyle that allowed her to learn about many cultures across the world, and she draws influences from everywhere she goes. Traveling is something Maria is more than familiar with. She was born in Syria but grew up in Italy, which allowed her to grow comfortable traveling to new places.

Getting on a plane to go somewhere exotic for filming or a photoshoot is just an average Monday for her. Maria has also done a lot of work over the past 10 years in the fashion industry, making her one of the most in-demand models from Dubai.

She never gets bored on the job because she gets to attend some of the greatest events all over the place, from the Gulf to the United Arab Emirates. Maria’s popularity in the industry has helped a lot of designers get noticed and added more value to their collections. She’s one model that every designer in Dubai is trying to book.

Dubai’s Leading TV Beauty

This star is always camera ready, and excited to take on a new role. As much as Maria loves all the glamour and parties that come with life as an actress, her main passion is bringing stories to life. Maria always aims to take on roles she believes in, so she can bring her favorite scripts to life. Some of the television series that she has been in are:

  • Al Araab
  • Abnaa’ Al-Qal’aa
  • Touq Al-Banat
  • A’etr Al-Sham; more

Maria always holds her composure with grace while on camera and many production companies can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with her again. They predict she’s going to be taking over the film industry one day. Until then, Maria plans to focus on her three favorite things: acting, fashion, and art.

To learn more about Maria Rahmani, visit her official website at and follow her on Instagram at

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