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Raekwon Williams Tells Revelatory Tale About the Motivations of Strong Love

Author’s Tranquility Press has helped many great writers in that light by exposing their works to a greater audience, and now it is doing so once more for this fantastic book which deserves to be read. “The Variations of Strong Love and the Motivation that Drives You to Keep Going,” written by Raekwon Williams and published on March 20, 2020, is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

This novel is basically about one of the most intense topics in the world of books today and in life itself – Love. “The Variations of Strong Love” portrays the intense feelings of love and how much the feeling of being in love with someone or loving something in general, and how much this powerful feeling of love can literally take someone’s breath away and completely take someone to another dimension.

In this book, Raekwon William explores some of the characters that humans develop within themselves when they are intoxicated with this intense emotion called love. It talks about some of the issues humans have beyond themselves and uplift motivation to fix them by ignoring what others may think of them. This book is rich to the mind and is a good read for every girl, boy, man or woman, who wants to better understand how love works within themselves and those around them.

Raekwon William was born in December 1999 and started writing stories as young as age 8. Growing up with many insecurities, battling depression, and constantly having to worry about what people thought of him, Raekwon turned to write stories and poetry, and there he found solace. With the help of the Author’s Tranquility Press, this enriching book is now out and available for the world to feed their minds and souls about the basics and motivations of love.

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