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Salon Prive Shop Launch – The New Home of Luxury

The Salon Prive shopping platform is set to usher in a new era of online shopping. This digital platform will offer both luxury and exceptional products together with bespoke virtual experiences.

Spiro Console by Gold Castle

Over the last few years, the Salon Prive Group has become synonymous with luxury. Their deep-rooted understanding of the luxury market, be it in the publishing, travel, fashion or real estate industry, has allowed them to grow and cultivate some of the world’s most recognised brands. But most importantly there is the ever-present commitment towards the growth and support of all paths of creativity.

During this process, they have developed strong representation around the world that have resulted in cultivating close relationship. Through the various business operations and their first-hand work with brands, designers and artists from the furthest corners of the globe, they have been actively listening to brands and clients alike. This has lead to the point where the group decided it was time to fill in a gap overlooked and underserved within the luxury retail market.

Chatwin Duffle Bag by Kmana

This organic growth has led them to develop an online concept store capable of satisfying every need a decerning customer may have, as well as to focus on the needs and issues faced by all brands. The fact that the Salon Prive Group has always strived for a holistic business approach that is as much supplier driven as it is customer-driven, has cemented their reputation within the luxury industry on a global scale. Due to the group’s unique position, they understand the challenges and goals that brands have and face on a very personal level.

The Salon Prive shopping platform is set to usher in a new era of online shopping. This digital platform will offer both luxury and exceptional products together with bespoke virtual experiences.

The platform will see the sale of unique and beautifully crafted items from right across the world. Ranging from well-established brands to carefully selected talented designers and artisans from the furthest corners of the globe. By offering products from Paris to Bali, the store aims to create a truly global marketplace. The shop’s main goal is not just to bring these pieces directly to the public but to help these brands tap into and reach a global audience. By shopping with Salon Prive, each customer will be supporting these brands and their teams directly.

Pumpkin Carriage by Fairytale

In an official statement, their founder and CEO, Chris van der Merwe, confirmed that the second phase of the launch will see the introduction of expertly hosted virtual experiences and classes. Through the virtual experiences and bespoke services department, Salon Prive has partnered with some of the greatest names in their respective industries to bring their services and skills directly to every customer!

With their bespoke services, anyone can have a virtual one-on-one with an expert. Be it a personal cooking masterclass with one of the world’s top chefs, a virtual wine tasting with a world-famous wine farm, in the privacy of their home, to a celebrity stylist helping them with their wardrobe planning, the Salon Prive virtual experiences are the ultimate one-on-one masterclasses and will make the perfect gift and will grant direct access to individuals previously impossible.

In order to ensure that the new Salon Prive shopping portal can offer the best and most innovative offerings in the industry, the group has put together a dream team of experts to drive and continually grow the platform. Their team consist of passionate experts who are continuously navigating through the fashion, art, technology, travel, entertainment and gastronomic industries to find the best of the best. This personal approach results in a unique understanding of the brands and services offered. Through these personal relationships with the brands, the Salon Prive shopping portal is set to also offer exclusive products designed specifically for their decerning clients together with special sales and discounts found nowhere else on the internet.

Studio 54 Cocktail Dress by Yolancris

Beyond Retail – Supporting Wildlife 

The Salon Prive Group’s championing of slow fashion is driven not just by the support of artisans and designers but by the impact of climate change and as such, they have established a wildlife foundation in South Africa of around 5 000 acres whereby the foundation is completely re-establishing the entire ecosystem. The Salon Prive Wildlife Conservancy Foundation’s (SPWCF) goal is not just to rehabilitate and reintroduce animals back into the local environment but to completely recreate the local ecosystem from the giant elephant down to the fragile grass-seed as it once was.

The first project of the SPWCF saw the successful denning of the last pack of free-roaming wild dogs native to the area where they worked together with EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust) in order to host them to den on the foundation’s land. This effort resulted in 9 new pups being born which doubled the last native pack’s numbers.

Boron De Oro Earrings by Roselinde

The Salon Prive shop will donate 10% of its profits to this foundation in order to help expand and support the various projects. So, by shopping alone without any other contribution, each sale directly supports the foundation. Beyond this pledge, the Group has confirmed that this will be matched by all companies, sister companies and subsidiaries of the Salon Prive Group.

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