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Spunky Food Co., Ltd. expands its business into the US

New vegan toppings and healthy snacks.

Starting a food business is far from being easy. First and foremost, it starts with food safety and production standardization. It is essential to know the way of processing, the steps involved and relevant authorities to ensure the most important part in commercial food manufacturing: food safety and quality control. This is the real key and strong foundation for a long-term success.

“Our parents – especially my mother – loved to cook, and it’s probably inherited, so exploring this passion and starting cooking was kind of a natural way. Friends were enthusiastic and customers encouraged the team to step up into commercialization.” – said Ladawan Lehmann.

It began with modern Thai food, mainly toppings such as Crispy Mackerel, Crispy Shrimp or Crispy Seasoned Shallots. These products are popular among Thais but also well-known abroad and chili toppings generally a catchphrase for tourists. However, a stand-alone product is Crispy Fermented Fish. Spunky Food Co., Ltd. has managed to build one of the first commercial fermentation facilities in the Northern part of Bangkok. It is producing two distinctive fermented products and will be extending the product range of fermented products and snacks within this year. Crispy Fermented Fish and Crispy Fermented Fish Paste are distributed to major supermarkets and convenience stores. Customers acknowledge that fermented products can be now produced in a fully accredited food facility that produces according to international standards such as HACCP, GMP, Halal and Thai FDA. The first export market has been Australia. Other foreign markets are very interesting and it’s a pleasure that we found a wonderful match in California. Mr. Timmy Hunt (Spunky Food USA Inc.) will take care of importing and distribution in the United States and Canada.

Timmy is originally from the Hawaiian Islands. He grew up around many other cultures and gained a knowledge and pallet for the many cuisines there. He studied Asian culinary both through his own family as well as under several chefs both in Hawaii and abroad. He founded Pono Hawaiian Grill LLC in 2010 and has grown it into multiple other brands: Pono Kitchen and Tap, Holopono Foodtruck Inc, Maui Wowie wraps, Island Onigiri are all on the west coast where he is now living in the Santa Cruz California area not far from San Francisco. He is now diversifying into the import and distribution market with Spunky Food Thailand and we can’t be more excited to bring him onboard!

It is undeniable that consumer behavior has massively changed. Consumers want to reduce food waste, eat healthier snacks in smaller packages and enjoy minimal processed food.

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