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SwiftConnect, Digitizing the Employee Workplace Experience – Connecting the Right People, to the Right Place, at the Right Time

Stamford, CT. – SwiftConnect Inc., an innovative enterprise technology startup, is positioning itself to be the operating system for flexible work. The company focuses on digitizing the workplace experience through its integration layer – linking access control, visitor management, and space management for companies’ own offices, flex spaces, and base buildings to link the right person to the right space at the right time. 

The company recently announced its rollout of the SwiftConnect Access Cloud across the Silverstein Properties office portfolio in addition to closing a $3 million seed round investment. The company, previously known as SwiftCTRL, also underwent a rebranding initiative to better represent the company’s value proposition of connecting the right people to the right space at the right time. 

SwiftConnect is the second recent technology venture for Chief Executive Officer, Chip Kruger. Kruger’s previous company, Waltz, was a venture-backed mobile access-control company acquired in 2019 by WeWork. Kruger was a Founder and Principal at Five Mile Capital Partners, a real estate-oriented private equity fund and has extensive experience in commercial real estate. SwiftConnect is pioneering a new set of solutions in the access control market prompted by the dispersion of the workforce across a variety of locations, the need to provide universal access regardless of location in a systematic and automated format, and the need to manage access permissions for employees and visitors holistically for both enterprises and landlords. Kruger says, “the commercial real estate market is at an inflection point. The business of officing is no longer about providing square footage but rather enabling work and productivity. Our technology allows space providers and occupiers to digitize space, people, and access to programmatically transform how employees interact with workspaces. Enterprises have spent the last 20 years innovating digital collaboration with products from Google, Microsoft, Slack, Zoom, and Okta, but what has been done to advance the physical collaboration experience? We believe SwiftConnect is the core infrastructure technology that will enable this for the future, starting with universal access.”

Through SwiftCentral, SwiftConnect’s main administrative portal, a property manager or large enterprise can manage access permissions across their entire portfolio. This is a solution that provides a unified approach to access in base buildings as well as into the office environment but also provides property owners as well as enterprises a unified way to manage all the employees and their visitors access to the various portfolios they offer in a consistent and seamless manner. Tal Kerret, President of Silverstein Properties, says, “Companies need to provide flexibility and choice to tenants and their employees in this world of work. The experience entering buildings and accessing dispersed locations also needs to be consistent, seamless, and predictable for employees or they will shy away from going into the office. That is why we’ve partnered with SwiftConnect to enable this for our tenants.” 

SwiftConnect launched its first product, SwiftConnect Access Cloud, in March and is looking to broaden its offering to serve companies’ own spaces, third-party locations, and base buildings to create a seamless and integrated workplace experience regardless of location. Silverstein Properties CIO, Yael Urman, said, “We chose to work with SwiftConnect because of their proven track record in access control and we felt confident they could deliver the solution in the timeframe we were looking for. Silverstein can now provide a single credential with on demand permissions that works across all of our buildings.”

About SwiftConnect:

SwiftConnect provides an operating system that facilitates the transformation of work from fixed locations to work from anywhere by linking all workplace options and makes them easily accessible using a single credential making booking, arriving and accessing space seamless. It’s mission is to connect any person to any space at any time.   The solutions focus on automating the workplace experience from access to different buildings and office space regardless of location, to integrating with visitor and space management systems or other workplace technologies to enable a more digitized workplace experience regardless of whether it’s in a first or third party space. SwiftConnect delivers a solution that enables the connectivity of the systems, places and processes to enable better efficiency and convenience for employees in a “work from anywhere world.” 

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