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TRDR Pocket Launches New Gaming Console, Set to Become One of the Hottest Selling Handhelds of 2021

Handheld gaming device with a cool retro look gives users 4G connectivity and access to millions of apps and games.

In this digital age, almost everything can be done on mobile phones. From watching movies to shopping and banking, people manage various tasks on their smartphones every day. While games can be downloaded and played on most smartphones, gamers still crave the experience and nostalgia that only an actual gaming console can provide. The screens of mobile phones are simply not the same as consoles that come with buttons and a joystick. TRDR Pocket created a handheld gaming console that combines the best features of gamers’ childhood consoles with the connectivity and versatility of smartphones.

The TRDR Pocket 4G promises faster gaming with no compromise. It has a powerfully tuned Android 10 operating system that provides access to millions of apps and games including Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, and social networking apps. The device is fully unlocked to any mobile network in the world. With its 4G connectivity, users can enjoy movies anywhere and in full 1080p. Videos and other media can also be downloaded directly onto the device or through its SD slot.

This handheld console features a graphics enhanced processor, which prioritizes graphics without compromising battery life, and a 3.5 inch multi-touch super AMOLED display. According to the brand, the device’s DDR5 RAM and 8X CORE CPU are built from the ground up to rival the most powerful mobile devices of the year. The device also allows the user to multitask and switch between emails, games, and other apps smoothly. For those who wish to go on full gaming mode, it has an Ultra Game Mode that will block out any other distraction and focus all power and data on the current game.

TRDR Pocket 4G has 6 assignable action buttons, a fluid joystick, and a D-Pad for an enhanced mobile gaming experience. It has HD surround sound and comes with matching headphones.

The handheld console’s retro look comes in four different colors. Buyers can choose from Arctic White, Cool Ocean Blue, Sun Kissed Orange, and Fireball Red. All units have an HDMI output and come with a mini USB cable. The TRDR Pocket 4G includes a 32GB SD card, while the TRDR Pocket Pro 4G comes with a 128GB SD card. For more information on the brand and its products, visit

About TRDR Pocket

TRDR Pocket is a brand owned by Go Games Limited. Go Games Limited is a team of professional online game developers who specialize in games for social networks and mobile devices.

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