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VEKSUN Brings Safe, Flameless And Affordable Electric Lighters Long For Candles, Grill, Stove, Campfire

Whenever sudden darkness strikes, a lighter is what comes in handy! The age of sustainability has not left the lighters untouched.

A lighter that may seem to be an ordinary piece of equipment has so many uses that one cannot even think. The common uses of a lighter include lighting stoves, candles, campfires, etc. Other incredible ways to use a lighter range from using it to stay warm to seal plastic packaging. It also comes in handy to scare away animals or humans when trapped in an unwanted situation. However, all the benefits of a lighter cannot decrease the cons’ significance that comes with a traditional lighter.

There are various types of lighters available in the market with different characteristics. The popular ones include disposable lighters, electric lighters, butane torches, and zippo. Disposable lighters are the cheapest option and are not durable. Electric lighters are known to be more environmentally friendly and economical. Zippo lighters are flip-flop lighters used mainly by smokers. A butane torch is an advanced lighter that is popular amongst cigar smokers.

While lighter appears to be harmless, it can be harmful. It encompasses a pressurized combustible gas that could explode, and in the hands of a young child who mistook it for a doll, it could spark a burn. Lighters are helpful, but they can also be dangerous. Hence, it is crucial to use lighters that are comparatively safer and eco-friendly. The safest and eco-friendly lighter option is an electric lighter.

Regular lighters require a refill of lighter fluid or discarded. Electric lighters, on the other hand, can be quickly recharged, making them convenient. There have been various modifications in electric lighters to make them more user-friendly and environment-friendly. One such business is VEKSUN which specializes in electric lighters, candle lighters, and lighters long.


VEKSUN makes long reusable arc lighters that charge using a USB charger. Being flameless and windproof increases their scope of usage. The lighters available at VEKSUN are prepared using ARC technology derived from the tesla coil, enabling the lighters to be long-lasting and eco-friendly. The long elastic neck design keeps the flame at a safe distance from the users. Other exciting features of their lighters include attractive wind & splash-proof designs, and USB rechargeability increases durability and portability. VEKSUN’s lighters are ideal to use in today’s world where everyone is looking for methods to reduce their trash.

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