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Courageous Kids Counseling Offers Counseling Services to Children in New City, New York

Courageous Kids Counseling Offers Counseling Services to Children in New City, New York

New City, NY – Courageous Kids Counseling, a licensed and certified counseling company offers premier counseling services in New City and its environs. Since its inception, the company has built a strong foundation for children’s health where, through therapy, the company believes that they will find the courage to explore their issues.

While there are several counseling service providers, most don’t give the kids the attention they deserve. The main focus of Courageous Kids Counseling is to ensure the kids get that attention. They will start by making a connection with them. Having their best interest at heart, Courageous Kids Counseling will strive to build a trusting relationship with them to ensure nothing is overlooked.

In addition to this, Courageous Kids Counseling – child counseling offers a range of therapeutic services to support children, their families, and other caregivers. This company provides counseling and support for children impacted by everyday challenges and adverse experiences that affect their relationships, healthy development, and growth.

Courageous Kids Counseling works together with children to ensure they achieve their goals in recovery. This company understands that the kids are in their most vulnerable state and may not open up right away. To learn about their unique wants and needs, this New York counselor will slowly and gently ask them questions and paint a picture of what the therapy process involves. They will also strive to learn more about the kid’s personality and allow them to share as much as they want during the sessions.

The certified counseling company uses different child therapy strategies such as hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, reprocessing, and eye movement. These serve to help the kids refresh their thoughts so they can expect more positive experiences. Hypnotherapy will also help them relax and slow down their thinking process when they are feeling overwhelmed. This counseling company also provides services such as online therapy, therapy for teens and families, and parent counseling. 

As compassionate and open-minded listeners, Courageous Kids Counseling will allow the kids to take the lead and approach the session in a more conversational manner. They understand that the child may not feel like there is a problem, and rushing to pronounce one may set the tone for a strained relationship. Moreover, the company will help parents formulate a positive social environment and provide tips on communicating with their child. Courageous Kids Counseling believes they’ll triumph over difficulties by giving the kids enough support and allow them to become the best versions of themselves.

Courageous Kids Counseling is located at 66 Pine St, New City, NY 10956. Contact them via phone at (914) 348-3040 or visit their website for more information.

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