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Eco-conscious Florida startup offering reusable 100% silicone kitchen products to battle plastic pollution and global warming

Innovative Technology Products Corp. aspires to save the planet through its plastic-free 100% silicone-made reusable culinary products.

Florida – May 19, 2021 – Global warming has reached an alarming high lately, courtesy increasing greenhouse gas emissions majorly caused by plastic pollution. In that light, Florida-based startup Innovative Technology Products Corp. has taken up the baton to save the planet with world-class reusable 100% silicone kitchen products. Founded by a team of eco-conscious engineers and scientists, the company is committed to foster the consumption of green sustainable solutions that can reduce energy production and offer a smarter alternative to replace the existing harmful plastic-based throw-away economy.

“We are driven by the mission to save the planet especially by battling plastic-borne pollution and advocating smarter use of eco-friendly silicone products. Our motto is – ‘AVOID PLASTIC and USE SILICONE’ and it’s our first step towards our contribution to protect open ocean waters from plastics pollution. We aspire to build a world where all of us would avoid conventional one-way plastic products and replace them with reusable silicone products which eventually will take us a step closer to the realization of our ‘SAVE OUR PLANET’ campaign”, stated Sal Yosufy, the CEO of Innovative Technology Products Corp.

The Florida startup has come up with a versatile inventory of reusable silicone kitchen products. All the products are FDA and CE certified and also carries both the USA and internationally certified patents. 

Speaking on their products, Mr. Yosufy mentioned their reusable silicone bags for cooking and storage. The bags are made of 100% silicone and carry a double silicone closing system. They can stand up on any surface and are available in 4 different sizes. A major USP of these bags is they allow users to cook in them easily at a temperature of up to 450 degrees and also permits freeze storage up to a temperature of -71 degrees. Each bag is durable and will last at least 20+ years. 

Additionally, the bags are intelligently designed to ensure a user-friendly operation even for people with physical difficulties in hands. Not only that, the bag features braille measurements for a convenient use for visually impaired users. 

Users can choose from a wide variety of bags from the company website, including gallon bags, sandwich bags, salad bags, ziplock bags, sous-vide bags and more. Innovative Technology Products is offering the world’s first largest silicone bag which is 1 gallon. Some of the bags can also double up as make-up bags.

Innovative Technology Products Corp. has also come up with reusable 100% silicone cups, including both Straight Cup and innovative Collapsible Cup. The collapsible cups can fold from a full-size cup to a half of a cup to ensure easy storage and portability. In fact, the Florida startup is the first company to offer the world’s first reusable collapsible silicone cup that keeps its shape and can also be used in its reduced half size. 

The cups are available in a wide range of colors and some of the colors are dedicated to special causes. One of the most popular products from the company is the Pink Cup which symbolizes unity cup for women. On the other hand, the white cup stands for world peace.

“Silicone products are nothing new in the market but most of them are either terribly expensive or else are mostly laden with plastic fillers rather than silicone. We offer a game-changing solution here with our  eco-friendly, 100% silicone and completely plastic-free products to ensure a genuine sustainable lifestyle – and that too without breaking your bank.”

“Also, unlike other regular silicone product sellers, we handle the manufacturing process all by ourselves to ensure strict quality control and industry-leading products for our customers.”

The company also offers reusable premium silicone-made kitchen utensils sets.

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