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EpicFabulosity Captures a Billion-Dollar Market with Its Practical and Effective Delivery Service

EpicFabulosity Captures a Billion-Dollar Market with Its Practical and Effective Delivery Service

The one sure way to establish a potentially successful business is to identify a market need and address it. When entrepreneur and CEO Jamila Surles-Walker first thought of developing EpicFabulosity, it was to respond to a pressing need among many consumers needing beauty and hair care products at home, but do not have access to a local supplier. Developing a same-day delivery service that focuses on grooming and hair care products for African-American men and women turned out to be a very lucrative move as it serves a market group that generated an estimate of $2.51 billion in 2018 for the hair care industry alone. 

The billion-dollar turnout for African-American hair care products is a result of consumers choosing to switch from the use of general products to more specific brands that suit their needs. A Nielsen report revealed that African-Americans captured a staggering 86% of the ethnic beauty market in 2017, accounting for $54 million of the $63 million that was spent that year. In the same year, the same market group spent $127 million on grooming aids and $465 million on skin care. 

Through the EpicFabulosity app consumers from stylists, people of advanced age, people with disabilities who have a hard time leaving their homes, and small businesses can easily get access to products and have them delivered at the comfort of their respective locations. Being the first nationwide same-day delivery service provider that specializes on various products from beauty, cosmetics, grooming, hair care, and extensions, it has the potential to revolutionize a niche that very few thought would take off.  

“We want to support the trend of supporting local businesses as well, and consumers want the convenience of ordering online and having their hair products delivered the same day,” Jamila explains. “Rather, if you are a customer, a make-up artist, a barber, a hairstylist you can use our app. If you are a bride who needs products at the last minute or at a special event and beauty products are needed, we can save the day. We are looking to expand and want to partner with local beauty suppliers to help them market their products and serve their customers.”

Jamila was formerly a caregiver for a disabled family member, and back then, she already saw the need for the easy availability of hair care products without having to leave the house. A large number of people who stay at home, after all, still want to look good even if their movement is limited. Self-care is still a priority among many consumers and EpicFabulosity made things possible for them. 

Apart from establishing EpicFabulosity, Jamila also started Epic Entourage TV, a network on Roku that was created to purposefully promote small businesses and real estate listings, among others. More information about EpicFabulosity is also available here. The network is also a thriving platform for both up-and-coming and established artists in the entertainment industry. Interested individuals may visit the Epic Entourage TV website for details or simply add the channel on Roku’s lineup of channels on their devices.

Owner – Jamila Surles

With EpicFabulosity taking the business industry by storm, there is no doubt that it will become a forerunner in providing relevant services to a specific market group in the future. With Jamila Surles-Walker at the helm of creating this possibility, small businesses are expected to continue to benefit from her vision that will contribute greatly in creating a stable local business climate.

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