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Grab the Best Gear for Better Preparing Ingredients in Kitchen – Magiccos Food Processor FP416

Why Do People Need a Food Processor?

The main reason for people to purchase food processors is to liberate them in the kitchen in a cost-efficient way. Food processors are no longer machines that relieve people’s labor only because manufacturers start paying attention to the quality of processed food by food processors. With much advanced technology engagement, food processors even can outperform humans to some extent. Food processors in 2021 are qualified to meet people’s different demands on most recipes, such as chopping, shredding, and making dough. This multiple-in-one characteristic allows people to switch the modes they prefer with one click so that they can deal with multiple things at the same time. Easily use, easily clean, and well perform has been something that people will look at when they are picking their best “assistant”.

What Can Magiccos Food Processor Bring to People?

The brand advantage of Magiccos is that the company keeps the core competitive advantage by leveraging the latest and changing trends in the market. The company has a vast portfolio of small kitchen electric appliances such as juicer thermal cooker, blender, food processor, and electric oven. Magiccos products have GS/CE/ETL/CB/EMC/EMF approval ratings and are manufactured with utmost quality guarantee. The company has been targeting US, European, Middle East, and South American markets.

Why is Magiccos Food Processor 416 Amazing?

Process More Food at One Time

The Food Processor416 is the high-end one that Magiccos include as many functions as it can by researching what people mostly need when they are preparing food. The Food Processor FP416 includes a powerful a 1000W copper motor along with 14 cup capacities, which is a big surprise for people who are craving for the large-capacity bowl. The integration of 1000W motor ensures it has enough power to deal with much more stuff with no cost of food quality.

Simple Operation

The Magiccos food processor includes an LCD touch panel with an embedded timer. The processor comes with a 7 variable speed control mechanism, which allows people to switch modes by simply turning the knob. Meanwhile, more speed choices get people more opportunities to figure out the ways that fit each food best.


The pulse function enables it to incrementally chop food by intelligently controlling the blade to prevent over-processing. The food processor has a double safety lock paired with dual protection technology. The unit is designed to work when the body base and the bowl are firmly locked. The Magiccos food processor offers 4 suckers to prevent movement and is dishwasher safe.

Accessories for Multiple Tasks

The Magiccos Food Processor FP416 product package is bundled with a chopping blade, dough blade, spatula, reversible shredding blade disc, reversible slicing blade disc, and mashing blade discs respectively.

7-day Deal Information


Coupon: $30 OFF (23% OFF)

Expiry Date: 5/23/2021 11:59 PM PST

Reg. Price: $149.99

Final Price: $97.49

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