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Marvin T. Heyward on Trending the Path of Excellence in the Entrepreneurial Space and Entertainment Industry

Marvin T. Heyward on Trending the Path of Excellence in the Entrepreneurial Space and Entertainment Industry

Anyone, young or old, can aspire to success and make an impact in their chosen industry. However, the entertainment industry is a notoriously difficult space to break into as it is full of highly talented, competitive, and hardworking individuals, making distinguishing yourself a challenge. One individual rising to the industry’s challenges with a combination of hard work, patience, and determination is Marvin T. Heyward, an entertainer building a legacy and carving a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Marvin T. Heyward is a young entrepreneur and entertainment associate producer originally from New York City. Based in Los Angeles, California, Marvin is quickly rising through the ranks and attaining success with his creativity. He has made producing appearances in notable works of fiction, such as the feature film “Free Dead or Alive” and the upcoming crime drama “Unto the Son,” starring Harvey Keitel and Abbie Cornish.

As an associate producer worth his salt, Marvin works with M2 Studios. This production company creates content from unique concepts through the exhibition for television networks, theatrical, digital media channels, and social network platforms. He assists the producers in completing the creative task of writing, editing, or other undertakings to keep the production running smoothly and within budget. “I get the opportunity to work on film sets, television shows, theater stages, and other productions. Depending on the project, my duties include developing and pitching story ideas, organizing scripts, collaborating with the editor to make short selections, and hanging out with celebrities and my best friend, Mylan Dockery (President of M2 Studios) – all the time,” he explained.

Aside from his work as an associate producer, Marvin is also a serial entrepreneur. He collaborates with celebrities, high-profile individuals and social influencers to market his exclusive apparel collection called the Rose Garden Apparel. The growing t-shirt and shoe brand cater to everyone’s needs offering products from $50 t-shirt to $1,000 sneakers. This business model of inclusivity makes Rose Garden Apparel a first choice for everyone driving up its hype and sales to almost six figures.

With his massive impact in the entertainment industry and the entrepreneurial space at just 29-years-old, Marvin T. Heyward is only getting started. In the coming years, he shared his aspirations. He said, “In the next five years, I hope to still be happy. To continue what I’m doing, creating a life I don’t have to vacation from. Maybe even change my relationship status from boldly single to joyfully taken. Still, right now, I’m 100% focused on creating viewable and wearable experiences for myself and the world of people around me, enjoying life in this narrow space of time – you should too.”

Marvin T. Heyward is clear proof that age is nothing but collections of numbers that should not deter anyone or limit their potential for greatness. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to dare to dream and map out a goal to achieve that dream with lots of sacrifices by investing and focusing their energy on it.

To learn more about Marvin T. Heyward, visit his Instagram page.

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