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Melbourne Firm Launches New Informative Online Microphone Shop

Angela Garner offers comprehensive reviews and descriptions of audio equipment and systems. Microphones are one of the categories which has received special attention from the reviewers.

AudioTrove and Angela Garner are pleased to announce the launch of their new website, which studies and reports on sound-related equipment, including microphones. The launch of the new website is in line with the owner’s goal of becoming the primary resource in Australia for making informed decisions about professional quality microphones before making the purchase. The online inventory on the AudioTrove website lists and describes some of Australia’s top microphone models and brands.

Regardless of the specific needs for clients, whether podcasting, broadcasting, professional studio recording, live performance, or recording at home, AudioTrove has published information about a suitable microphone. Changing customer purchasing practices in many different purchases of consumer goods has changed the way customers find information about the products they want to buy. A growing number of customers buy microphones online after performing due diligence. The information on the AudioTrove website means the extensive research is done by a knowledgeable professional.

According to a spokesperson for AudioTrove, “From beginner home studio engineers to professional level, you will find something great at AudioTGrove. We target Australian musicians, and supply the best information and the best prices regarding microphone options in Australia. Take time to browse through our detailed reviews and product information before settling on a suitable device.”

Additional details about the company and its products can be seen at

The reviews prepared by Angela Garner are created only after spending an average of 10 to 20 hours perusing consumer reviews for each accessory or microphone reviewed. Each review provides simple pros and cons, which will save prospective customers time in their search and open up products that would not otherwise have been considered. Although AudioTrove may receive Amazon affiliate recognition for products purchased through website links, the reviewer will never give false positive reviews in exchange for commissions. The reviews are written in simple and straightforward language and include both reasons to buy and avoid the product. 

About the Company: 

Angela Garner created the AudioTrove website to share her passion for audio and music production. The reviews help to provide Australians with helpful information about top-quality products available online. Hours of research and information gathering are completed before the review is written.

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