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RUGGED & DAPPER Releases Anti-Aging Products for Men

Non-toxic skin care brand makes men look and feel confident in any situation.

The daily hustle and bustle of men leaves them with minimal time to spend in the bathroom and groom themselves. Their skin inevitably gets damaged easily especially those who are working in a harsh environment. To address this concern, a no-nonsense line of skincare products was born: RUGGED & DAPPER.

Ryan Labaqui, who founded the company together with his wife Janine, can relate to the reality of not being able to take care of his skin that much. They then established a straightforward grooming collection that’s ready to fit into one’s life with ease while utilizing premium, natural and organic ingredients. For them, it was about developing the best kind of products that have anti-aging components without using harmful chemicals and toxins.

Not only are their products eco-friendly, but they also do not test them on animals. “RUGGED & DAPPER offers skin fuel for men that can make them look and feel authentic without having to feel guilty about it,” said Ryan Labaqui. It’s also their way of being responsible sellers, promoting conscious consumption among their target audience who are men looking for anti-aging solutions.

All RUGGED & DAPPER products, such as facial wash, body wash and shampoo, cologne, eye cream, and moisturizer, are made in the USA. These help deep clean, combat dry skin, stimulate collagen, and are multi-purpose to get the job done all at once. Don’t waste time and go now to for more information.


RUGGED & DAPPER is a family-owned business that takes pride in crafting naturally effective grooming products that epitomize confidence. With genuine benefits and long-term effects, their products fit right into any routine, no matter the lifestyle.

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