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UniteSync unveils easy access to royalty-free music with no copyright claims for content creators

UniteSync is making headway in the industry after it unveiled its royalty-free music, providing content creators a simple and clear license for all their content.

With content creators worldwide facing a lot of pressure to deliver first-rate content, UniteSync seeks to fill the gap by offering a weekly updated inventory of music that they could use for their next video uploads.

“Content creators have been facing difficulty in finding good music out there that they could use without getting copyright claims,” a company representative said in a statement. 

Whenever they publish content online, content creators have to comply with rules, including utilizing music that they have the right to use. 

“Regularly, whenever a piece of music gets played in public, for example, on digital platforms like YouTube, Public Rights Organizations collect a royalty fee on behalf of the right owners,” the representative said.

UniteSync said it provides royalty-free music, no copyright claims that allow individuals to pay once or agree for a license to use a piece of music.

“In other words, as long as users have an active account when they upload content with our music on the channels and accounts connected to their account, they won’t face any further costs, copyright strikes, or other legal negotiations,” the representative explained.

The Youtube generation need not worry about copyright claims, UniteSync said, as the platform assures a simple and straightforward license for all types of content. 

Once signed up, users will gain download access to UniteSync’s songs on the Music Library Dashboard. 

UniteSync grants a license, and content creators can use its music on their videos and streams. Users could easily browse and download by simply whitelisting their channel so that they can use the music.

“We bet on quality rather than quantity. All available music is curated and distributed through us,” the representative assured.

Users could also stream the music directly from the dashboard or download the songs to their computer and create playlists.

UniteSync’s featured genres include ambient, lo-fi, electronic, and downtempo.

UniteSync said it was designed to provide “music for your videos,” as major platforms have been running content match programs to find off-label use of copyrighted content. 

“Content creators looking for a curated selection of amazing background music for their videos could turn to UniteSync to give a boost to their content. The platform was created to help them upload excellent content, with high standards that lean towards quality than quantity,” the representative explained. 

UniteSync noted that although its licenses and subscriptions allow users to edit or remix the track to fit their production, it does not include releasing and distributing its music as stand-alone tracks.

To monetize YouTube videos, users should make sure they have an active account on UniteSync and that they’ve added their YouTube channel on the day you publish your videos to stay clear from claims.

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