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A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group Now Offers Fort Lauderdale EMDR Therapy

Counselors with A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group specialize in EMDR therapy and are now offering this to all Fort Lauderdale residents. To support the community during COVID-19, the practice remains open and accepts new clients both in the office and via Telehealth.

A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group and Anthony Garcia are pleased to announce that the team of professionals specializes in the application of Fort Lauderdale EMDR Therapy. The company is dedicated to continued therapeutic treatment despite COVID-19 restrictions. Patients may schedule in-person sessions or can make use of Telehealth sessions with one of the therapists. There are many reasons why a person may need specific counseling following a traumatic event. The guided psychotherapy treatment has been utilized extensively since the late 1980s/

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a treatment initially designed to reduce distress systems associated with traumatic memories. The treatment model is shown that EMDR therapy makes accessing and processing traumatic memory experiences and other adverse life experiences possible and bringing the memories of these experiences to an adaptive resolution. During EMDR therapy sessions, clients relive triggering or traumatic experiences in short sessions, while the therapist directs the eye movements. The contributing principle is that EMDR is effective because recall of distressing events can be less distressing emotionally when the attention is diverted. 

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Successful EMDR therapy results in relief of affective distress, negative belief patterns are reformulated, and a reduction of physiological arousal. Therapy sessions utilizing EMDR techniques permit the patient to focus on emotionally disturbing material in short sequential doses. At the same time, the client is directed to focus on external stimuli. Therapist-directed lateral eye movements are the most frequently used external stimuli, but other stimuli such as audio stimulation and hand-tapping are also used.

Quality counseling services for teens, families, couples or individuals who suffer from irritability, depression, trauma, anxiety or stress often benefit from professional EMDR and trauma therapy sessions. The therapists have the knowledge and experience to help clients recover quickly and effectively.

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A Peaceful Mind Counseling Group team has the necessary training and education to promote therapy in patients suffering from traumatic experiences. The therapeutic measures have been shown to result in the relief of symptoms related to trauma, emotional stress, and other conditions. Results are achievable in a relatively short time.

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