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A researcher and educator shares why gifted kids should be getting outside and learning about nature

Dr. Jenny Lloyd-Strovas, a researcher and educator, has shared how parents often face a significant challenge in finding weekend recreational programs, after-school, or camps for their children. 

Dr. Jenny said every child deserves to receive an education appropriate to their abilities — one that challenges them and helps them grow.

Typically, parents would look for extracurricular activities and enrichment programs to fill the gaps.

“While there is no shortage of enrichment programs provided, most of them are not taught by experts,” she explained in an interview. “They’re typically taught by college students needing a side gig or people starting their careers.” 

Gifted kids are getting bored or frustrated in these programs, Dr. Jenny lamented, because they have questions that the teachers don’t have the background to answer. 

Dr. Jenny added that when children want to take their learning to a deeper level, their teachers may not have the skills to guide and mentor them along the way. 

Dr. Jenny, an experienced biologist herself, said parents of gifted kids could leverage all the benefits of nature to provide the best possible childhood for their kids. 

“It’s vital to turn to a platform that provides not only the intellectual stimulation that they need but also one that teaches them how to manage their struggles, such as big emotions or burnout,” she said. 

Nature Matters Academy, a K-12 STEM-based curriculum helmed by Dr. Jenny, has led the charge in getting kids outside and learning about nature in their backyards. Kids practice STEM skills and build STEM confidence while developing a personal connection with nature.

“It’s crucial to help families of smart and twice-exceptional kids by providing moms with tools and confidence through a nature-based STEM program so that they can leverage all the benefits of nature for learning, self-regulation, and healthy childhood development,” Dr. Jenny said.

Dr. Jenny said she devised the curriculum because she wanted her kids to “develop a connection with our  naturehood — the nature we see every day in our backyards.”

“I saw the difference it made in their learning and attention. They were excited to do the activities, and they were able to focus in a way they never could with books and worksheets,” Dr. Jenny explained.

Dr. Jenny then began hosting classes in her community. She found that kids with all abilities, such as ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, were able to learn and focus at similar levels with other kids.

Nature Matters Academy offers packages that seek to get kids off screens, outdoors, and learn something new, so parents can feel confident that their kids are getting the best possible experiences to grow into happy, successful, and resilient adults. 

Those who want to check out what other parents of gifted kids think about nature and how it supports their kids’ learning and development could check out Dr. Jenny’s resource on the Top 3 Things All Gifted Kids Need to Thrive.

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