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Devarius Fitzpatrick Sets to Premiere the Daytime Show with Devarius in the Summer of 2021

Devarius Fitzpatrick Sets to Premiere the Daytime Show with Devarius in the Summer of 2021

Set beneath breezy palm trees, resonating tropical house beats and spreading the positive vibes and attracting its authentic tribe, The Daytime Show with Devarius aims to top charts summer of 2021 on all digital streaming platforms, Devarius promises to deliver thought provoking, educational, relevant, helpful content during his broadcasts. The dream of hosting came naturally, one that was born from childhood mornings watching daytime television with his grandparents, even earning him the nickname of “Hollywood Boy’ in his household.

Born August 27, 1991, and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Devarius’ early life was defined by the untimely death of his father and as an adolescent he experienced rejection, social anxiety, and struggles of his own sexual fluidity. While his trauma is still a defining factor of his personality he has found a way to use it to empower others and convince them to chase their dreams. An alumni of Visible Music College where he earned his degree in Creative Arts and Theology — and, in doing so, became the first college graduate in his family.

Shortly after his graduation, Devarius followed his childhood dream of moving out to West Hollywood for a life of creativity and freedom.  In his new home he sparkled to life, winning over stars with his electrifying wit and consistent passionate energy.  Working in collaboration with names such as: Ty Dolla Sign, Angela Bowie, Kym Whitley, Kalen Allen, Malcom “MJ” Harris, Fat Joe and several individuals from The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Television host Devarius Fitzpatrick has committed his life to sharing thought provoking universal stories of his fellow peoples. This new broadcasting platform features a “start up” approach to the world of day time television. Our goal is to explore the human experience through interviews, commentary segments, discussion panels, and the opinions and experiences of our wide range of guests, and work together to achieve a production that can be depended on, to not just be kind, but to be honest and transparent with our viewers so that together we may all reach new heights as society and begin to leave a legacy the global community may be proud of.

“What I’m really promising is universal stories we can all relate to.” – Devarius Fitzpatrick 

That dream developed into an obsession, “It’s not so much about my sharing but getting others to share, as a host I want to use my past to help others, inspire others, to share others. Togetherness is the healing the world needs now.” He went on to extend an invitation to all that are reading, “if you’ve made it through your hardships and still have your passions, and believe in a purpose for yourself, reach out to me, you are exactly who I want to interview” the contact information will be available to you at the end of this article.

Check out Devarius’s latest projects on Twitter and Instagram and follow him for more updates on Facebook.

Written by: J.R Kropp.

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