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Eurovision 2013 Winner and Former UK Contestants Set to Rock the 2021 Song Contest from iCrowd

Eurovision 2013 Winner and Former UK Contestants Set to Rock the 2021 Song Contest from iCrowd
iCrowd is delighted to team-up with 2013 winner Emmelie de Forest and former UK contestant Daz Sampson. They invite fans to join them using the iCrowd App to create a global remote audience for watch parties for this year’s semi-finals and grand final broadcasts.

People from around the world watching the broadcasts of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest can join stars from prior contests to form a global audience for watch parties using the iCrowd App.  Fans can use the smartphone app’s soundboard buttons to applaud, boo or contribute their unique sounds to a remote audience as they watch the semi-finale and grand finale and will hear the roar of the remote crowd just as they would if they were attending the shows in person!

The sounds selected by every user will be combined in the cloud to create the sound of a single global audience, which will then be played on the speaker of each user’s smartphone. Through the magic of the iCrowd App, fans in different countries will be able to hear each other cheer on the contestants, just as if they were attending the performances together!  Fans can also interact using the iCrowd App’s event-specific chat feature and by voting in polls presented on the app.

The iCrowd App watch parties will provide fans with a unique opportunity to interact live with 2013 Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest and former UK contestant Daz Sampson. Each will join the iCrowd for one of the two nights of broadcasts.

“Emmelie and Daz will add their own cheers (and possibly boos and groans!) to the combined remote audience sound, so fans and followers will be able to hear what their favorite celebrities think of each performance in real time!,” explained Faith Sargent of iCrowd Technologies LLC, which developed the app.

The former Eurovision contestants will also share their expert insight in the iCrowd App’s chat discussion during each broadcast. 

“Fans using the iCrowd App while watching the broadcast will be able to hear each other cheer and boo and provide other audience sounds, just as if they were together in person,” Sargent noted.

“This will provide a far more interactive experience than just watching the contests without the app.” The celebrities will reach out to their fans and social media followers to invite them to join the watch parties using the iCrowd App.

Emmelie was a strong favorite in 2013, being one of the ten finalists who qualified from the first semi-final. She won the contest with her hit single “Only Teardrops,” finishing a whopping 47 points ahead of the second-place finisher. Emmelie will connect with her fans and followers, and everyone else who joins the iCrowd event for the grand final on May 22 at 3PM EST.

“I am ecstatic to be a part of Eurovision 2021 and being able to enjoy watching the contest, sans the nerves! I have fond memories of the 2013 event. Eurovision is the contest to participate in and the crowd is always electric.  It will be fantastic to connect with everyone attending remotely and experience how the app brings us all together in spirit,” says Emmelie.

Daz represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with “Teenage Life,” a top 10 hit. He also established Sporting Riff Raff Records and has continued to perform and release recordings. Daz will join the iCrowd App watch party for the semi-final on May 20 at 3PM EST.

“Eurovision is an experience I will never forget. I look forward to being a part of the crowd for the 2021 contest. It will be great to kick back, relax and enjoy the performances. Most of all, being able to chat with my fans and followers in real time, thanks to the iCrowd app,” says Daz.

Mrs Sargent noted that the magic of the iCrowd App extends beyond a song contest. “Any user can use the app to create a remote audience for any occasion — TV watch parties, online concerts, live Q&A’s, sporting events, world video conferences, even government hearings broadcast on TV or online, and myriad other events.”

More information on the iCrowd App and iCrowd events is available here:

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