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FACE Skincare-Medical-Wellness Now Offers Two New Transformative Skincare Treatments

The Enlighten Peel® and the RevePeel® are both innovative peels that can treat aging, smooth away hyperpigmentation, and even create a clear, brighter complexion.

Bingham Farms, MI – FACE Skincare-Medical-Wellness – the best medical spa in Bingham Farms, MI – is pleased to announce the arrival of two transformative peels: the Enlighten Peel® and the RevePeel®.

The Enlighten Peel® is an innovative peel that uses the most effective anti-aging and anti-acne combination to date, to clear up the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, melasma, and more. The RevePeel® is an in-office peel that helps bring up new skin to the surface, without the discomfort or downtime of a chemical peel.

“Here at FACE Skincare-Medical-Wellness, we’re constantly on the lookout for skincare treatments that help deliver consistent, and excellent results quickly,” says FACE founder Holly Cutler (also known as America’s Skin Saint™). “Both the Enlighten Peel® and the RevePeel® work to minimize complexion issues while producing a more radiant and youthful skin tone.”

The Enlighten® Peel works to minimize the appearance of melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, dull skin, by a proprietary combination of the most effective lighteners and peeling agents on the market. The dramatic results in just one peel, differentiates it as the most effective peel to date for lightening, and clearing the most stubborn pigmentation disorders. It accomplishes this goal by halting skin cells from creating additional pigmentation while exfoliating the skin’s surface to minimize the appearance of existing hyperpigmentation.

The RevePeel® is performed in-office but then finished in the comfort of the client’s home. The RevePeel® uses an oil-based delivery system, which is applied to the top layer of skin. Over the course of seven days, the oil works to exfoliate the skin and bring newly refreshed skin up to the surface.

Both peels are ideal choices for candidates who want to achieve more clear, youthful, and radiant complexions.

To learn more about the RevePeel® and the Enlighten Peel®, or to schedule a consultation, visit FACE Skincare-Medical-Wellness’s website at

About FACE Skincare-Medical-Wellness:

FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness has become a world-class beauty and wellness medical spa in Michigan by utilizing its award-winning revolutionary technologies and proprietary therapies for self-betterment. Holly Cutler, Founder and celebrity medical aesthetician, leads a team of Skin Management Experts™ and expert Nurse Injectors. Their commitment to beautiful and dramatic  results can be seen in their photo gallery. FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness is overseen by plastic surgeon, and medical director, Dr. Ahmet Karaca. With over 40 laser and facial technologies, injectables, body makeovers, and naturopathic medicine, FACE is known as one of the most advanced Medical Spa’s in the US, and one of the only clinics to fully integrate the inner and outer self so extensively.

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