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GraceWorld: Benevolence in Craft, a journey with Daniel Grace

Young philanthropic creatives Daniel Grace & Kylie Wilkens have embarked on their everlasting #creationsforacause campaign in efforts to #saveitforward, through their brand GraceWorld. With the incentive to generate strong capital, the creatives will release various apparel collections, digital art and art-focused products, by adapting inherently philanthropic practices. Their motto, #creationsforacause, redefines corporate social responsibility, and is a refreshing example of positioning philanthropy within the heart of the brand. GraceWorld’s creators aspire to establish an in-house foundation SaveItForward, in an effort to amplify their impact!

Daniel and Kylie met in New York City in the summer of 2019; realizing they had indistinguishable drive and passion, they committed to creating a true testament to the metric of influence. With the goal to inspire others to do their part for a better tomorrow, Daniel and Kylie will create and share their journey to #saveitforward and inspire positive global change.

Partnering with The Orphaned Starfish Foundation, GraceWorld will donate 11% of its monthly net profits to provide sustainability and advancements within their locations. Founder Andy Stein has built a strong relationship with Daniel and Kylie through his mentorship, and they will soon be announcing innovative and truly progressive plans for the near future.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, the Orphaned Starfish Foundation is “dedicated to helping survivors of trafficking, indigenous children and at-risk youth, and refugees break their cycles of abuse and poverty through technology-based education, job training and job placement assistance.” Since 2001, OSF has had an immense impact on innumerable children in over 29 countries worldwide, by providing 68 technology centers and counting. GraceWorld’s partnership with OSF will aim to ensure the sustainability of existing programs and future expansion.

This unique partnership between GraceWorld and the Orphaned Starfish Foundation hopes to inspire conscious consumerism by applying creative solutions to philanthropic efforts. Founders Daniel and Kylie are “excited to position acts of impact through passion projects.” Marketing spectacles curated by the creative collective GraceWorldStudios will be seen across various media platforms.

To learn more about their mission and join their #creationsforacause campaign in efforts to #saveitforward, visit their website

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