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Intenseye, Inc. Helps Improve Employee Health and Cultivate Safer Workplaces

Employees are protected real-time through Intenseye.

Behind every successful company are employees working towards a mission and vision. However, although work facilities are generally safe, workplace injuries are still quite common across the globe. Hence, prioritizing workers’ health and safety is necessary.

Through the years, Employee Health and Safety (EHS) software were created to help companies better manage their employees’ wellness data. Basically, EHS software platforms serve as a healthy library where employee data can be delivered and managed. Aside from being a database, these platforms should also be able to help employees maintain healthy behaviors and establish healthy lifestyle habits. With Intenseye, Inc., their EHS software platform is AI-powered and has been proven to help the world’s largest enterprises to scale employee health and safety across facility footprints.

According to the team at Intenseye, Inc., “Intenseye brings real-time, AI-powered automated visual monitoring to safety teams by integrating existing camera systems. Our platform can detect more than 30 EHS unsafe acts to generate notifications, compliance reports, and operationalize rapid response procedures.”

Basically, their software platform works by connecting existing cameras without any hardware or sensor requirements. Its in-house artificial intelligence models can even analyze worker body posture, personal protective equipment, and danger zone violations real-time.

This is possible because Intenseye, Inc. has over 30 Ready to Use EHS modules which boasts of the ability to solve most common problems like PPE usage, area controls, housekeeping, behavior recognition, and even pandemic control measures. As previously mentioned, it can also connect easily with existing cameras in just a few minutes. And because of its AI-powered inspections, connected cameras are instantly turned into EHS supervisors.

Of course, the most important aspect of the Intenseye, Inc. EHS software platform is its features of real-time compliance tracking and alert notifications. This allows EHS teams to prioritize risks easily and manage the workers better depending on compliance scores for cases and locations. In summary, Intenseye, Inc. made this AI-powered EHS software platform by highlighting three major techniques—software-first, privacy by design, and computer vision.

Today, Intenseye, Inc.’s software has been protecting over 30,000 employees across over 30 cities around the world for leading global industrial groups and Fortune 500 companies. And the company was only founded in 2018 and they have delivered such great results in just a span of three years. As technologies continuously innovate, Intenseye, Inc. will consistently grow as well as they push forward with their belief that the health and safety of workers is non-negotiable.

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About Intenseye, Inc.

Intenseye is an AI-powered employee health and safety software platform founded in 2018. The software helps the world’s largest enterprises to scale employee health and safety across their facility footprints.

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