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The Word Counter Surpasses 100 Million Impressions and One Million Site Visitors Since Launching 12 Months Ago

Free online tool helps write copy for social and evaluate large bodies of text

LOS ANGELES, CA – Created by Kevin Miller, The Word Counter has achieved 100 million impressions and over one million unique site visitors since it launched 12 months ago. The free online web tool analyzes text for readability to detect how difficult it is, how long it would take to read or speak it, or to simply count characters for use on social media. Miller is also the Co-Founder and CEO of SEO-first marketing agency GR0 which works to help brands rank #1 on Google.

The Word Counter includes a deep knowledge database that includes grammatical tips, suggestions, and other helpful advice to use when drafting text. It includes information like research on the phrase ‘Oy Vey,’ a Jewish interjection meaning “oh woe,” with examples of how it would be used within a conversation, and even etymology of the phrase. Miller’s database also includes editorial blogs like typography design trends, information about how many pages will be needed to print a text based on it’s spacing and word count, and a litany of grammatical tips to address whether the story about billiards should refer to the white ball as ‘queue’ or ‘cue.’

Miller, an avid liver of startup culture with a heart for invention, developed the tool to not only help with his work at GR0, but also to aid others in developing clear written copy. “A lot of people only know the English language through context and patterns, and often if you ask someone what a niche phrase of saying means, they can’t outwardly define it,” said Miller. “I love discovering these weird sets of words and tracking down where they came from so that I can help people diversify their own vocabularies.”

The Word Counter’s creator attributes its success to well-coordinated SEO efforts from himself and some colleagues at GR0, as well as the basic curiosity for people to learn. He is thrilled to have amassed so many impressions and visitors, and hopes that people will enjoy getting to continue using the site for grammar checking, assistance playing word-games like Words With Friends, or simply measuring if a text is too complicated.

Kevin Miller is the co-founder and CEO of GR0, a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles that helps brands rank number one on Google. A veteran of technology startups and digital brand growth from San Francisco, Miller works hands-on to build and invest in companies that he loves.

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