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Zextras Group expansion doesn’t slow down | +27.5% users yearly

Zextras Group, with offices in Italy, France, Brazil, India, and Russia, faces the pandemic years at their best and is projected into the future. Now, Zextras active users are more than 21 million, and they are increasing by 27.5 percent every year.

In 2020, the Zextras group continued to work and grow in the international scene. The group’s software-house develops software for digital workplace based on Zimbra Open. SourceZextras Suite for Zimbra Open Source. The Suite contains in itself all the digital office solutions that every company needs.

On the one hand, digital companies didn’t have to stop because of the pandemic. On the other, their products will be increasingly in demand by the realities of traditional sectors. According to research by KPMG[1], the transition to a digital business model is imperative for companies that are facing the current crisis. Therefore, strong digital companies can be the lever to restart the organizations that are suffering the most.

The year 2020, despite the great global crisis, has reinforced the confidence that this software will be essential for more and more companies that need to go digital.

Zextras got into the e-mail and collaboration field 20 years ago. Now, they’re confident. “We are ready to support businesses and organizations worldwide for everything related to online collaboration and communication and a focus on data security,” says CEO Paolo Storti.

Paolo Storti, Zextras CEO

They never thought of e-mail as an “old asset” like the majority did. They evolved the product, instead, together with the professional services the company provides to its customers.

Nowadays, Zextras Suite includes many more features than the sole e-mail. Therefore, it enables organizations to have a customized cutting-edge digital workplace. In fact, as required by the market, the software offers collaborative editingpersonal data sharing, and real-time or asynchronous communications. In addition to this, the software core is secure, assured by advanced backup features and storage optimization solution.

Moreover, despite the peculiarities of the last year, Zextras Group did not lose sight of the long-term goal. At the end of 2020, it opened an office in India, and it is still adding new people to the various division and departments worldwide. Thanks to its product and workforce, Zextras can really be an important support in the digital world from now on. They are actually the private solution that allows data sovereignty, something that many national regulations are increasingly demanding to their public and private organizations.


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