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Dripfeedbot Stops Slack Messages From Reducing Team Productivity

Dripfeedbot is a Slack app that helps users to avoid losing upto $20,000 every month due to being disturbed by messages. This essential Slack app helps save time and money by instantly increasing team productivity.

Dripfeedbot is an essential Slack app that reduces the time lost in distractions from direct and channel messages. A medium-sized Slack team usually has hundreds of messages passing through their workspace, but not all of them needs an immediate response. These interruptions from messages distract the user from the task they are  doing. After a message interaction, users often take a couple of minutes to regain their focus and continue their previous task. This unnecessarily leads to a cumulative loss in productivity. Dripfeedbot provides effective features that helps to curb this disruption of work on Slack and helps to increase remote team productivity.

According to Vivek Muralee, the founder of Dripfeedbot, “While talking to Slack users, I realized that many teams seem to be losing substantial amounts of time & money due to unnoticed productivity losses. This made me want to solve this issue. Our no-distraction Slack app keeps messages in a queue, from which users can then read & reply whenever they are free. It also allows channel messages to be batched and instantly gives a ten-fold reduction in the number of notifications. Any Slack team that loves productivity can add Dripfeedbot and reap it’s benefits without needing to change the way they are already working.”

This Slack app has made messaging easier and communication more effective for teams of all sizes. Users also have the option of sending the same message to multiple recipients at once, without needing to create separate channels. Messages in channels can be added into a separate queue which will publish them after 20 minutes. The interactive buttons that are added to the messages, helps to make team communication more efficient instantly. Dripfeedbot provides a seven days free trial which companies should take advantage of to make their remote teams happier and more productive.

Businesses that want to increase remote team productivity should immediately switch to the Dripfeedbot Slack app.

About Dripfeedbot

Dripfeedbot is a Slack integration designed by Vivek Muralee after he noticed that teams may be losing thousands of dollars every month due to interruptions from messages while they are actively working on tasks.

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