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First Crop Makes Healing People and Planet Its Business and Its Mission

First Crop Makes Healing People and Planet Its Business and Its Mission
A young and rapidly growing CBD health and wellness business, First Crop’s goal is to harness the regenerative power of hemp to revitalize rural communities, mitigate ecological damage of industrial farming and provide investors with attractive financial returns – all while catalyzing a regenerative business movement.

Santa Fe, N.M. – May 21, 2021 – First Crop is a company on a mission to become the poster child for regenerative capitalism. As a young and rapidly growing CBD health and wellness business, its goal is to harness the commercial and environmental regenerative power of hemp to revitalize rural communities, mitigate the ecological damage created by industrial farming practices and provide investors with an attractive financial return – all while catalyzing a regenerative movement in the business community.

The founders of First Crop launched the company out of the conviction that human health is directly connected to the health of our environment, and the work needed to heal both humans and planet could be done together, in a harmonious, regenerative way. Inspired by a set of guiding principles developed by the Capital Institute and its founder, John Fullerton, First Crop has based its business model on values driven by a set of regenerative practices necessary to maintain a healthy economic system – a focus on holistic health and wealth, financial inclusion, empowered participation, and robust resource sharing.

“We live on a planet with finite resources,” says co-founder and CEO Dave Weir, “and yet, traditional approaches to business pretend that resources are infinite and that consumption can be without limit. The way we are living now is simply not sustainable.”

First Crop’s focus on the hemp industry is based on the belief that it can be a key catalyst to economic and environmental renewal. Hemp is a high-value commodity crop that can enable farmers to make a steady living. Hemp has abundant uses beyond the oil from its flowers: parts of the plant are used in medicine, food, textiles, clothing, fuel, plastics and building materials. And the hemp plant stands alone as a biological regenerative ecosystem. It removes CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the air and regenerates the soil it grows in. First Crop’s farmer partners are committed to growing hemp according to strict organic principles.

First Crop empowers the participation of its partners through cooperative and collaborative practices. The company eagerly shares best practices, encourages knowledge sharing and celebrates individual achievements. As stated on the First Crop website, “We elevate and empower each other, motivated by the desire to work toward the same larger purpose.”

First Crop’s dedication to financial inclusion and resource sharing is demonstrated by its commitment to share ten percent of its profits with its farmers and their communities. Five percent of profits is shared directly through an innovative profit-sharing program. An additional five percent is shared via grants made through the First Crop™ Community Foundation, which is devoted to revitalizing rural communities. A tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, the foundation works to reduce hunger and homelessness; promote organic and regenerative farming practices; improve air, water and soil quality; and support climate-change education programs and initiatives.

First Crop’s commitment to regenerative practices comes full circle with its products. Its best-in-class CBD oil products, made at its state-of-the-art processing facility, are third-party tested to be free of chemicals and harmful solvents. Products include capsules, tinctures, and topicals, all made from unique proprietary formulations developed by experts and combining CBD with adaptogenic herbs. All products are USDA Certified Organic and Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free certified, and First Crop uses only recyclable glass jars and post-consumer recycled paper for its packaging.

By doing business in ways that yield not just financial profit but healing benefits to people, communities, and the environment, First Crop is fulfilling its mission simply expressed by Weir that “business can be a force for good.”

For more information, visit First Crop’s MicroVentures campaign.

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