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Hip Hop star TJ Marion to launch of new EP this month, announces free gift for pre-saving album: United Masters

After a hiatus, TJ Marion is back with his new EP and will also offer a free gift for his fans for waiting for his next project.

Oakland, CA – May 21, 2021 – Great news for TJ Marion’s fans waiting for months for new music from him. The popular hip hop star has announced to release his upcoming EP, “NTRM$N”, this May and offer a free gift for all his fans who would presave the album. The presave link of the album is available on leading music distribution and artist collaboration platform United Masters.

NTRM$N is scheduled to officially release on May 28th, 2021.

Interestingly, the upcoming EP carries a sample of the vibe of TJ Marion’s following album “Holy Fruit”. The “free gift” announcement marks Marion’s token of appreciation for his fans while they wait for his master project “Holy Fruit”.

“We are excited to announce that our favorite hip hop star TJ Marion is soon to release his upcoming EP ‘NTRM$N’ this month. But, this is not the only good news we have in line lately. Alongside, this great artist has also announced to offer a free gift for all his fans who will presave ‘NTRM$N’  as a token of his appreciation of their love and faith in him. We have already featured the presave link for the upcoming EP on our website on TJ Marion’s page. All you would have to do is to pre-save the album and that’s it! You will receive a free gift from the star himself while waiting for his dream future project Holy Fruit”, stated the leading spokesperson from United Masters.

Per his statements, TJ Mariondecided that it was time to begin introducing himself to his fans in a more proper way. Being that, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Theatre and he felt that his audience should have something while they wait for this concept album “Holy Fruit”. And that led him to come up with the concept of free gift to honor his ardent fans.

NTRM$N is a 3-song EP which represents a grunge vibe with its deep solid tempo. In fact, the EP was recorded in a garage to imbibe that true grunge band feel through a hip hop lens. 

A name of big repute in the indie hip hop scene, TJ Marion is known for his velvet voice, smooth rhythmic highs and soulful lyrics. His genre is a unique mix of grunge, punk, hip-hop, funk, soul, dancehall, rock and jazz which altogether create a cutting-edge musical experience for listeners. Added to creating popular hip hop albums, Marion has also worked with a line of famous names in the hip hop world, such as J Stalin, Vellione, Yung Spudd, Da Krse, Trumain, GLC, Fokis, Local MU12 and many such elite names.

“I like to release my music raw and how I mixed it because you get to hear how I felt on three different levels, lyrically, performance wise, and production wise… that distortion is supposed to represent my grunge style of not being status quo”, noted TJ Marion while discussing about his upcoming EP. 

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