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Industry leader TFT-Pneumatic unveils applications of pneumatic drills in shipbuilding

Industry leader TFT-Pneumatic has unveiled how the pneumatic drills, which are among its best-rated products, are a game-changer in shipbuilding. 

TFT-Pneumatic is an industry expert specializing in heavy-duty pneumatic tools. The company said it offers the most robust, long-lasting, and powerful drills in the world in the area of pneumatic drills

“A pneumatic drill, much as most air tools require of an air motor with parts such as rotor, rotor blades, cylinder, upper and lower plates as well as bearings,” said Hector Maggi, Managing Director of TFT-Pneumatic.

These assembled parts work together to bring life to the tool. By propelling the air with its rotor blades, also known as banes, the motor creates the power transmitted through the rotor.

Maggi said this rotor works in conjunction with the planetary gear system to convert the Revolutions per Minute (RPMs) from the tool and, while creating torque and power, reduces the RPMs to the chuck. The planetary gear is essentially the speed reduction and power multiplier mechanism.

By having this power multiplier mechanism, Maggi said FUJI ensures the tool retains power while running.

“The power is then transferred to the chuck. Through the chuck, the user can fit different sizes of drill bits and accessories to perform different tasks,” Maggi explained.

TFT-Pneumatic has been carrying FUJI AIR TOOLS, one of the best-rated tools in the world. 

“A leading Japanese manufacturer, their reputation is extending all over the planet for their quality and durability,” Maggi stressed.

In the case of the FUJI AIR TOOLS drill model FRD-8PX-3, a heavy-duty industrial ½” drill, Maggi explained that this drill’s motor might be turning in excess of 10,000 RPM, the planetary gear mechanism will bring the RPMs down to 900 RPMs at the chuck. This particular drill has two sets of planetary gears to achieve power and reduce the RPMs.

Maggi said this makes it one of the most robust and powerful yet compact ½” industrial heavy-duty pneumatic drills globally.

Drills come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common type is the pistol type, followed by the angle drills and the corner drills. 

Maggi said TFT-Pneumatic has led the charge in providing accessible, efficient, and readily available pneumatic drills across the globe. 

Those interested could head to the TFT-Pneumatic’s website to check out examples of its Pneumatic Drills models.

FUJI AIR TOOLS has a huge variety of drills – from a very small and compact 1/4″ corner drill to massive 4″ drilling capacity heavy duty industrial drills. 

Maggi said FUJI’s drills are powerful, compact, and have great power to ratio, making them pack a lot of power and are lighter than most competitors.

“They are engineered to work in the toughest environments, under the toughest conditions, day in – day out. They do not get hot as electrical tools do and can operate under continuous conditions,” Maggi explained.

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