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Karolina Gujska: From the Ruins of Elblag to the Peak of New York

Karolina Gujska: From the Ruins of Elblag to the Peak of New York

With a population of roughly 120,00 people, Elblag is a city located in Northern Poland. The city would later suffer catastrophic devastation in the wake of World War II, losing about 65% of its infrastructure during the process. Shortly afterward, the city was plagued by the economic upheaval of the 1970s. Out of the ruins arose a city which, through a restoration process (which began in 1989), reclaimed its Pre-war glory by 2006. The city is now a tourist destination, with the Elblag Canal one of its numerous noteworthy attractions and considered one of Poland’s Seven Wonders. An eighth wonder and one of Poland’s finest exports is Karolina Gujska. 

Karolina Gujska was born in Elblag, Poland. Her father, to this day, is proof of luck being the residue of desire and design. He won the green card lottery to the United States of America after his sister entered into the contest hoping that her brother would win so he may join his mother and sisters in the USA. With $50 in his pocket and no understanding of English, he moved to New Jersey to find a job and a proud new home to live in to bring two-year-old Karolina and her mother to the promised land. Like her father, Karolina would make the absolute most of this new beginning. 

Karolina recalled that being raised in New Jersey was, in itself, another one of her numerous struggles. A struggle with low income and being a foreigner who lacks the necessary support. She noted that the struggle brought more pain as her mother turned to alcoholism, which eventually led to her abandoning the family by the time Karolina was twelve years old. Her mother’s return to Poland without communication meant that Karolina did not speak with or see her for another thirteen years and was solely raised by her father. 

With this new development, one would expect Karolina to suffer a breakdown like other children her age would, but she quietly took the pain and turned it into strength. Over the next few years (through her teenage years), she excelled in school and won a scholarship to attend Indiana State University, where she studied textiles, apparel, and merchandising. This was all the foundation she needed as she proceeded to study at the Florence University of Arts in Italy and served in many internships across the United States. Worthy of note is that she landed her first job as a fashion buyer just a day after graduating. Karolina has also completed her Master’s degree in Business, MBA, at Montclair State University and most recently completed Cornell University, furthering her education in digital technologies. 

Today, Karolina works as a tech leader on one of the highest floors of the World Trade Center at a multinational information technology company. She currently services numerous Fortune 500 companies in the Consumer, Retail, and Logistics industry helping key clients improve operational efficiency and thrive through digital transformations. She is well-traveled and has a network of contacts, having built a strong relationship with her clients over the years. Through client strategic partnerships with like-minded IT leaders, she is well on her way to crack the code and understand the complexities of the IT industry, including figuring out the industry’s needs and objectives. She is recognized for her ability to attract and open doors to many Fortune 500 companies as her global clients which she services many IT solutions from digital to infrastructure.

She was also a director at a global technology service and outsourcing provider named Yash Technologies where her largest client was the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

On other projects, she currently serves as the Chairperson of Rutgers University Big Data IT Advisory Council. Karolina is committed to the empowerment of women, especially those in tech; when she is not functioning in the corporate world, she participates in mentorship and coaching programs to mentor women to lead in the corporate environment. 

To learn more about Karolina, the Modelintech, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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