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Quick Vin Verification Brings The DMV To Riverside Residents For VIN Verification

Quick Vin Verification Brings The DMV To Riverside Residents For VIN Verification

Riverside, CA – Quick Vin Verification is licensed to complete the REG 31 form. The company verifies cars, trucks, trailers, and motorcycles and assists clients in registering or transferring ownership of the vehicle in Riverside, CA. Quick Vin Verification serves all of Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Los Angeles County and can come to the customers’ place, saving them from the hassle of taking the vehicle to the DMV For Vehicle Verifications.

The VIN Verification entails a physical inspection of a vehicle required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for vehicles arriving from out of state or vehicles that have been removed from the DMV’s database. Quick Vin Verification records the number of wheels, fuel type, and vehicle configuration in addition to the VIN (BTM).

A VIN verification is required for vehicles arriving from other states or countries, body type model changes, cars with a VLT stop from the California DMV lien sale unit, trucks on the IRP program, and old vehicles that have dropped off the DMV system. VIN corrections, odometers, year corrections, and other corrections, in general, all require a VIN verification.

If the VIN on the client’s car and the VIN on the title don’t match, the California DMV has a solution for that. The procedure is straightforward and involves making a licensed VIN verifier, CHP officer, DMV employee, or AAA perform a VIN verification. After that, they should carry the incorrect title to the DMV, along with the VIN verification form, and the DMV will correct the VIN and issue a new title.

There are times where a vehicle’s configuration is one way, and then something is added or removed that causes the configuration to change. In those cases, a VIN verification Riverside is required before the BTM can be changed. To make this correction, clients will need the VIN verification form [REG31], the title, and the statement of facts for [REG256] specifying the change of BTM [from old BTM to new BTM] as well as section G indicating whether or not the weight has changed.

Quick Vin Verification also takes prospective employees on board to join the team. New VIN Verifiers must fill out an application for a Vehicle Verifier’s Permit (OL 19), which is available online, purchased a vehicle verifier surety bond (OL 26), submitted an application for an occupational license personal background questionnaire (OL 29I), had their fingerprints live scanned, and returned the form, request for Live Scan Service (DMV 8016), Submit a $51 non-refundable processing fee as well as a $1 fee for the family support program, and then mail the application.

VIN verifiers are similar to notaries in that they earn money in various ways, depending on the clients they serve. To increase their earnings, new VIN verifiers may use a fuel-efficient car. To maximize their profits, they should invest in a good phone and good phone service, as well as thoroughly screening their clients before scheduling an appointment and going to them. The REG 31 on the back of the VIN verification form specifies private VIN verifiers permitted the verifications.

Enjoy hassle-free VIN verification from Quick Vin Verification. The company is located at 5586 Mission Blvd Ste B, Riverside, CA, 92509. For inquiries, contact the company via phone at 951-394-7012 or visit its website for more information.

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