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Shop E-Scooters Wins Razor USA “Emerging Retailer” Award with Record Sales on

The electric rides and micro-mobility market for recreation and transportation still surging as summer approaches and Covid-19 Pandemic starts to subside.

May 21, 2021 – RAZOR USA, an industry leader in micro-mobility and battery-powered scooters, dirt bikes, go-karts and Crazy Carts – has named Shop E-Scooters “Emerging Retailer” for their first year efforts delivering the goods across the United States.

This success has stemmed from the fact that electric bikes and scooters are now a permanent part of the transportation landscape. When compared to public transportation and motor vehicles, electric rides are cost effective and environmentally friendlier than their petroleum-based predecessors.

Beyond recreational uses, these types of rides are making sense for essential short-distance travel for workers and businesses especially with life only just starting to get back to normal and public transit systems and rideshares remaining difficult because of social distancing requirements.

Awards aside, has more information about how to safely and sensibly incorporate electric transportation into personal everyday life at

Businesses and employees across the country are also benefiting. Companies are adding electric rides transportation options as perks to increase staff mobility, boost employee energy levels and morale, and lower a business’ carbon footprint.

Additionally, companies across the United States are adding electric rides as a new revenue generator to existing business models. A modernized value-add for organizations such as marinas and campgrounds, is to offer short-term rentals for customers to enjoy getting around on an electric bike or scooter or even more robust off-road electric dirt bikes.

Business owners can learn more about these benefits at

About Shop E-scooters

Shop E-scooters was founded by a team of sporting enthusiasts & outdoor adventurers. Driven by a passion for game-changing technology that improves lives, the team at Shop E-scooters is helping make electric scooters, electric bikes and electric rides the future of transportation and fun for every age group. Headquartered in CT, the company’s mission is to provide the best electric rides – and be the best at doing it.

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