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The Equipped Mama Lowers the Risk of Birth Related Deaths

Guidance for Women of Color for Safe Births

In 2019 the rate of maternal mortality in the United States continued to grow according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The overall statistic grew at an astounding 15%. The backstory here is that there is still a significant racial disparity for deaths in childbirth. Black women in the United States as well as around the world still have the highest maternal mortality rate compared to all other racial backgrounds. Black women’s rate of 44 deaths per 100,000 in 2019 was 2.5 times the rate of 17.9 for white women. It was also 3.5 times the rate for Hispanic women in childbirth. 

Along with the shocking maternal deaths by race statistics the CDC and other health organizations note the significantly lower number of black women who breast feed compared to their white and Hispanic counterparts. Research points to a lower risk of health conditions including ear, respiratory, as well as digestive infections among breast fed babies. Also significantly reduced is early onset diabetes, a surging health abnormality in the black community. 

Both the maternal death and breastfeeding statistics have remained stubbornly high in the age of modern medicine. They have risen or remained steady since the government began collecting the data. Accompanying the most recent statistical releases the CDC suggests that caregivers, health providers as well as hospital maternity units redouble their efforts to address the issue especially in underserved communities. 

The Equipped Mama founded by Courtney Stallworth, a Black American Maternal-Newborn registered nurse (RN) is addressing the issues of preventable birth related mortalities and low breast-feeding rates among black women. Meeting the problems head on through in-person counseling, instructional knowledge along with hands on classes in middle Tennessee along with virtual counseling throughout the world, Mrs. Stallworth aims to improve the devastating birth statistics among black women. 

Working as a Maternal-Newborn Registered Nurse in hospitals throughout middle Tennessee, Courtney Stallworth RN relied on her experiences to develop Equipped to Birth a course centered on guiding and providing knowledge to clients for a safe birth, quick recovery along with a legacy building lactation journey; to be passed down for generations to come. 

As a maternity focused RN, as well as a Clinical Communications Lactation Specialist (CCLS), Mrs. Stallworth is currently the only Black Nursing Childbirth Educator in Tennessee. Courtney is a first-generation homebirth, breastfeeding mother of two and is on course to complete her International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) during the winter 2021.

Before founding The Equipped Mama to offer her expertise, counsel, guidance, and knowledge to a wider segment of the community, Nurse Stallworth has helped numerous women of color to keep them from adding to the devastating birth statistics which continue to increase in the face of modern medical options. 

Courtney Stallworth BSN, RN is determined to change the narrative for black mothers through The Equipped Mama by expanding educational outreach. “I help women of color that are statistically highest for maternal death and lowest for breastfeeding, learn how to change the narrative by having a pain controlled natural birth and bonding lactation journey, so they can enjoy a lifetime of health and save thousands of dollars while doing so!”, she recently exclaimed. 

The Equipped Mama can be reached through the contact form online at to for class registration, counseling services and to reach out to Courtney. Along with personalized services in middle Tennessee, The Equipped Mama offers Live Interactive Virtual Courses taught by Courtney. Each Virtual Live Course is held over 3 days lasting 2-2.5 hours depending on the length of the question-and-answer segment. 

The proprietary courses developed and instructed by Courtney Stallworth BSN, RN include Equipped to Birth. This course is for any woman of color desiring to have a trauma free, pain controlled, natural birth. Focused on providing women of color with comprehensive tools and knowledge equipping them to make fully informed decisions during the birthing journey. 

Equipped to Birth along with Lactation Counseling by Equipped Mama will begin to address the racial disparity in birthing and breastfeeding within the black community. Courtney Stallworth BSN, RN is determined to remain solution focused to stop the rising growth in black maternal deaths and increase the rates of breastfeeding among women of color. 

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