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UK Heating Engineers Launch New Boiler Service Company

UK Heating Engineers Launch New Boiler Service Company
Three UK heating engineers are announcing to the public that they have formed a new company called Easy Boiler Company that has a unique technological advantage.

Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire – May 21, 2021 – Easy Boiler Company, based in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, is a new UK boiler company with some innovative ideas about how to buy a boiler.  

It’s called Easy Boiler because it’s so easy to order a boiler with this new software.  

Totally Web-Based Service

When homeowners in Middlesbrough start noticing multiple repair bills on their boiler, at some point it becomes more cost-effective to just replace the boiler altogether rather than continue to pay to fix it over and over.  Coming home to a cold house in the middle of the winter is not something homeowners should have to deal with. 

Particularly when the boiler in their home is old, it is often best to start from scratch. With a new boiler, the homeowner can choose new equipment such as a thermostat on every radiator. That way each room in the house stays at a comfortable temperature.

But it may be confusing to try to figure out how to get a new boiler installed.  

The heating engineers at Easy Boiler Company have developed a new online system for getting a new boiler installed in a home.  Homeowners simply go to the company website and the entire process is laid out in front of them.

Simple Questions to Answer 

First, the homeowner will answer several simple questions about their home.  They will enter the type of fuel that their boiler uses, the type of home they live in, the location of their current boiler, the type of their current boiler, locations of baths, showers, and locations of the flue if the boiler runs on gas. Each answer is fed into the software to match up the perfect boiler options for that particular application.  


After the website has all the proper information, it will give the homeowner several options.  The software will show which boilers will be the best for the needs of that homeowner.  

If a homeowner needs a boiler that runs on LPG or on oil, it will also offer options for those types of fuel. Then the homeowner will choose the boiler that they would like to have installed.


After the homeowner chooses the boiler they want, they can use the website to either pay for the job, or they can explore financing options.  Again, they answer several questions and the software computes various monthly payments.  The homeowner can choose whatever fits their budget.  Again, all the decisions are in the hands of the homeowner.


Once the homeowner has made their choices, they are able to choose their installation date. The website will show a calendar of available installation dates.  At this point, the homeowner can choose an installation date that fits his own schedule.  

About Easy Boiler Company

Easy Boiler Company is a boiler service company founded in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire.  With the idea to have boiler selection done completely on the web, this company services over 60 different communities in the area.

Media Contact
Company Name: Easy Boiler Company
Contact Person: Ben Race
Email: Send Email
Phone: 01642 715306
Address:24 Ellerbeck Way Stokesley
City: Middlesbrough
State: North Yorkshire
Country: United Kingdom