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WIMI Hologram Cloud Becomes the New Force of Technological Innovation, Helps the Ecological Development of 3D Holographic Projection

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “WIMI Hologram Cloud Becomes the New Force of Technological Innovation, Helps the Ecological Development of 3D Holographic Projection”. When the holographic projection technology is accelerating to us, and it has become a popular term that people are rushing to talk about, many people are still wondering: What is holographic projection technology? Why is it launched? Are there any technical difficulties?

When it comes to holographic projection, everyone is familiar with it. It is amazing to see all kinds of cool pictures in some large-scale museum performances and stars’ singing performances. In fact, these are all using 3D holographic projection technology, which is a type of 3D technology. It originally refers to the technology that uses the principle of interference to record and reproduce the true three-dimensional images of objects, which brings diversified visual enjoyment to the audience.

In recent years, the exposure of holographic projection technology has gradually increased, and 3D projection technology can be described as a guest at major performances. The stage effects it produces are becoming more and more colorful and vivid, which fully meets the audience’s demand for beauty. Through the 3D holographic projection, the audience can directly see virtual things with the naked eye, which improves the audience’s senses. Whether it is auditory or visual, 3D projection technology brings users an excellent experience.

Moreover, the 3D projection technology has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and the projected picture has high definition and vivid colors, which can make people immerse themselves in virtual images. In addition, the display of 3D projection is not restricted by the place and can support multi-angle holographic projection, which can be displayed in different forms. The application of this technology mobilizes the integration of people’s real sense of scene atmosphere, and kindly feels the great impact experience of things in front of them.

This is a dazzling technology, and it is more and more advanced in the perspective of the application, injecting new vitality into the industry. Although the holographic projection technology is relatively mature and the effects of the production are becoming more dazzling, but it is still a long way forward to truly apply it to every field, and there are still many technical difficulties to overcome.

1. The configuration requirements for its use require efficient memory allocation and super image processing capabilities. The best way to ensure the normal and stable operation of the holographic platform is to share CPU and GPU memory. Although science and technology are developing rapidly, it still takes a long time to realize millions of parallel processing at the same time. This requires the use of millions of computers to synchronize all images, videos, and other content that guarantees the authenticity of the holographic platform. Since millions or more host-level computers are required, this will affect the magnitude of the originals used and the energy consumption.

2. Real sound effects are required. People’s ability to discern sounds exceeds vision. Holographic projection technology must ensure the authenticity of sounds if it wants the audience to have a real experience. The holographic projection technology has a 360-degree fidelity effect. It not only requires immersive video, but also requires a different direction or sound field, so that there must be perfect splicing between the video picture and the audio, and high splicing technology is required.

3. Although 3D projection technology has incomparable advantages, it is still in a high-speed period of development, and the cost of input materials is relatively high. Due to the difficulty of developing the application of holographic projection technology, there is a huge investment in resources and money. Therefore, the price of investment and sale of goods will be relatively high. If holographic projection technology is widely used, this needs to consider market purchasing power.

Undoubtedly, the development of the entire holographic projection technology industry has not been smooth sailing. The development of any new things is bound to be full of hardships, but the future market of the holographic projection technology industry is indeed full of promise.

From the perspective of global development, although the entire 3D projection industry has not yet entered the stage of large-scale cross-domain applications, holographic projection application scenarios include but are not limited to holographic theater, holographic education, holographic advertising, holographic entertainment, holographic exhibitions, holographic new retail, holographic high-end home application, holographic car, holographic social, and holographic communication. Among them, there have been some very successful applications.

The growth of an industry with a bright future takes time to settle, and a new industry full of confidence also needs our witness. As the leader in China’s holographic projection industry, WIMI Hologram Cloud sees the great potential of the holographic industry. With their overall prospects, technical strength, and unique investment vision, they have always maintained a leading position in the holographic market and created a characteristic ecological business model.

It is reported that WIMI focuses on computer vision holographic cloud services, aiming to integrate the precision research and development of holographic 3D computer vision collection, AI synthesis, transmission, presentation, and application with the market. Meanwhile, WIMI is constantly pursuing to build an innovative, open, and strong service platform, building a bridge between holographic technology application and holographic computer vision presentation, realizing the use and presentation of holographic computer vision in different scenarios, and promoting leapfrog collaboration in the industry. The business covers multiple links from computer vision production, service platform construction, to cloud software development and technical support. Compared with other peer companies, it has more comprehensive ecological building capabilities. WIMI has high-tech research and development capabilities. Starting from the magnitude of the original 3D projection technology and energy consumption, WIMI has launched cost-effective products with continuous advancements in chips, display technology, communication means, and algorithms, and other aspects, which effectively deal with the efficient memory allocation requirements of 3D projections and solve practical problems.

The total revenue in 2020 significantly increased year-on-year by 446.8 million yuan, an increase of 140.0% year-on-year, from CNY 319.2 million in 2019 to CNY 766 million ($117.4 million). From the above data, it is not difficult to see that the business growth of the entire WIMI is in a healthy development trend, and the financial revenue is continuously increasing. It is reported from this market that the amount of business revenue is increasing, and market expansion is expanding. WIMI has the absolute overall strength to invest in the development of the holographic projection industry. Considering the purchasing power of the 3D projection market, WIMI has established a professional industrial investment fund to increase research and development income. Based on the continuous maturity of technology and the decline in unit material costs, better alternative projection materials can be developed, and the high input cost of materials can be reduced, making it easier for the public to choose suitable products.

Whether the 3D holographic projection of WIMI will become the future trend depends on its complete commercial applications, but the advancement of this technology has brought some progress to the industry. The 3D projection business in China does currently not study further. Although it has certain support of the mass, it will take time to truly use 3D holographic projection technology on a large scale. WIMI will increase the scale of industrial investment and industry research, and it will help and guide the rapid development of the industry based on companies and teams with great development potential and high growth.

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