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BizMarketing: Building a Solid Business Foundation Strong Enough to Build an Empire

BizMarketing: Building a Solid Business Foundation Strong Enough to Build an Empire

May 24, 2021 – Living the Dream Business, a business masterclass outfit that is already known for evoking high-flying deeds when it comes to developing great business strategies for businesses proudly announces the launch of BizMarketing by June 1st 2021. This is a 4 months business strategy program helping business owners navigate through the hurdles of solidifying a solid business foundation to grow their empire.

Strategy is something so many businesses fail miserably at, especially start ups.  Most don’t even know where to begin and that is why BizMarketing is on a mission to constantly get business owners educated on how to become visible as it presents the real behind the scenes knowledge to help business owners to show up and attract their best and ideal clients.

The biggest challenge many businesses have is where to find and attract their customers. Most businesses fail when it comes to developing a strategy. At the end of the program presented by BizMarketing, you will know the in’s and out’s which will help you in the future. Says Melinda Cooper, the founder of Living the Dream Business no matter the niche and by the end of the four-month timeframe, participants can boldly establish a thriving business expanding their reach and influence while increasing their income. These step-by-step processes built together will bring it all to a place of success and living the dream you have always wanted.

For more information on how to get started, please visit

About Melinda Cooper

Melinda has a Bachelor’s degree in Government and Politics with a minor in International Law, and has worked as a professional certified paralegal for over 20 years. She now uses her expertise as a business analyst, coach, visionary strategist, and lead generator.

Melinda Cooper is a true believer in living a life filled with passion and meaning by doing what you enjoy. Melinda’s ambition is to assist others in realizing their dreams! Melinda is convinced that by learning, working, and growing together, we will all be able to realize our greatest ambitions.

Living the Dream Business is owned by Melinda. ‘Pure Wealth: 26 Ways to Crazy Profitability’ and ‘Behind Her Brand’ are two of her co-authored books, and she also publishes a bi-monthly magazine. She decided it was time to leave the US Government after more than eighteen years in positions ranging from customer service to paralegal to congressional liaison. She left the rat race of government work behind and set out on a mission to help others discover and live their entrepreneurial dreams. 

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