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Children’s Dentistry of Rome Provides the Superior Children’s Dentistry Services in Rome, GA

Children's Dentistry of Rome Provides the Superior Children's Dentistry Services in Rome, GA

Rome, GA – Children’s Dentistry Of Rome is a reliable venue for exceptional children’s dental services. The dentistry is run by an experienced and devoted dentist, Jessy Koshy DMD who specializes in dental care services for kids and adolescents, working best in a child and adolescent-friendly environment. As a highly qualified general dentist, Jessy Koshy DMD focuses on preventive care to help every child gain a healthy smile that lasts for a lifetime.

Children’s Dentistry Of Rome Healthcare center’s early-age child dental care services are designed to help kids get aid when their teeth begin forming. Since children’s teeth grow differently, regular checkups help identify any arising issues such as misalignments, and more. When permanent teeth begin to form at the age of 6, the first molars can be painful. So, an experienced Rome Pediatric Dentist is essential in taking care of the childrens’ painful developing molars without interferences that will lead to future problems.

Also, dental services are paramount at a child’s early age, especially for the extraction of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth removal is important in preventing oral health problems such as gum disease and inflammation, pain on kids’ faces and mouth, tooth overcrowding, bite problems, and tooth decay. Other valuable benefits of early children wisdom teeth extraction are to enable them to enjoy general oral wellness and prevent cases like bad breath. The procedure also boosts the overall quality of life since wisdom teeth extraction takes out the entire teeth, including its roots.

In addition, Children’s Dentistry Of Rome’s dental services are ideal for children that grind their teeth at night. The condition, which is medically known as Bruxism, is a nocturnal problem that leads to teeth wearing out or getting shorter.

Theoretically, teeth grinding is caused by psychological issues within the child’s body. Moreover, they say that children who suffer psychological effects and stress can grind their teeth as well. Also, family issues, changes at school, and a new environment can cause Bruxism. Besides, another theory relates teeth grinding to pressure in the inner ear at night. The theory links its suggestions to when people are traveling by air, and there is pressure change during take-off and landing. When this happens, passengers tend to chew gums to equalize the pressure, and such is what happens when a child’s ear is pressure-filled; they tend to grind their teeth to move their jaws, thus relieving pressure.

Alternatively, Children’s Dentistry Of Rome provides kids thumb-sucking dental services. The experts understand thumb sucking is a natural reflex that affects infants and young children. Still, when it persists beyond the eruption of permanent teeth, it can lead to imperfect growth of tooth alignment or the mouth. When a child is brought to the clinic due to persistent thumb sucking, the doctor will determine whether dental issues are present.

Children’s Dentistry Of Rome – Rome Pediatric Dental center is located at 204 Redmond Rd, Rome, GA, 30165. For inquiries, contact the premier dentistry via phone at (706) 291-2550 or visit its website for additional information.

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