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Flavyrs introduces a new line of RTD drinks in crazy decadent flavors on Kickstarter

Flayvrs is a new brand of Ready-To-Drink drinks that speaks of an outstanding drinking experience with a unique burst of decadent flavors.

A California-based mixologist, Garret Garcia, is all set to redefine the Ready-To-Drink beverage industry and for the better. A mixologist by passion, Garcia has recently launched his innovative alcohol-free line of new RTD drinks on Kickstarter, which promises to create a new definition of fun with mouthwatering, delicious flavors. Titled “Flayvrs,” the latest RTD beverages promise a unique experience right from the first sip.

“We are excited to bring to you our all-new line of Ready-To-Drink beverages infused with crazy delicious flavors that will open up a whole novel experience for you. If you are tired of sipping your same old drinks time and again and craving for a welcome change, our brand new Flayvrs is just the thing you need. Bustling with an incredible burst of flavors, our RTD drink will scale up your whole RTD experience, making things cooler and more interesting around. Whether you are at a party with buddies or looking forward to spending some quality me-time, Flayvrs is going to be your new drink of choice”, said Garret Garcia, the man behind Flayvrs.

The Flayvrs beverages are infused with a range of flavors, ranging from fruits to candy to desserts. Currently, these drinks are available in 5 unique flavors –

● Sour Watermelon Burst

● Orange DreamSicle

● Bangin’ Peach

● Sour Blue Raspberry

● Strawberry Lemonade

“We have currently started with five flavors, but this is just the beginning. We would like to know about suggestions from our valued customers to design more varieties of flavors for our drinks. We are looking forward to creating a constantly evolving line of flavors for our beverages.”

Each Flayvrs bottle consists of 375 ml of beverage and can be easily carried in bags and cars. Added to their unique mouth-watering flavors, another factor that makes Flayvrs drinks stand out is their cool trendy packaging.

“We aspire to redefine the whole face of the existing RTD beverage industry, and that calls for a completely different and innovative experience from what you get with existing RTD beverages. Thus, we have worked on every little detail of our new beverage, right from experiments with flavors to styling the packaging. Each of the Flayvrs bottles will catch your eye in an instant and would make a fantastic conversation starter thanks to their uber-cool looks. At present, we are looking forward to initiating mass products and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Flayvrs to life and make the RTD scene better and more interesting than ever.”

Backers will be supported with special discounts on Flayvrs units and packs (alcohol-free version). To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter.

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